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    Drag link for 1961 Chrysler Newport

    G'Day Mate / Greg , I have the Center Link Brand New and the Inner Tie Rods Brand New (you probably can not get them in Australia... I think you might even have a problem with the correct Outer Tie rods....) P.M. me, as per forum rules, if interested.... I have the Entire Front End in U.S.A...
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    66 Monaco Wagon Preservation

    As Ross Indicated to you, and I got an alert , which brought me to you now, I have *** N.O.S. *** U.S.A. made *** Front & Rear *** Brake Drums... & Everything else *** U.S.A. made *** Brake Hydraulics & *** ASBESTOS BRAKE SHOES *** Where you have a pile of Chineseum (items)...... Keep in mind...
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    How to report fraud

    How LOW do you have to be to try and steal $ 85 big whopping dollars??? Sheesh..... If I am EVER going to resort to thievery, I am going after $ 400 billion.... might as well make it worthwhile (LOL!!!)
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    WANTED 11 x 3 brake drums

    69 Polara 440, Just realized you asked about 11" x 3" --- Rear --- Brake Drums..... I DO have the 11" x 3 " --- Rear --- Brake Drums..... NO LEFTY Rear Wheel Studs, however--- first hole in my LEFTY Wheel Studs inventory (still have over 1000 LEFTYS, Altogether !!!!) Yours, Craig.... As far...
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    WANTED 11 x 3 brake drums

    WOW !!! $ 25 to cut a Rotor ?!?! We used to charge $ 7..... No wonder they don't even bother to cut Rotors for Chevy Celebritys, Ford Tauruses, etc. where the Chineseum Rotors cost $ 17.75 each, etc..... And, I have those 1969 - 1972 "C" body Hub & Rotors *** N.O.S. *** U.S.A. made *** for $...
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    WANTED 11 x 3 brake drums

    69Polara440, I have the *** N.O.S. *** U.S.A. made *** 11" x 3" Front Brake Drums --- and LEFTY (Not Many) and Righty Front Wheel Studs for the Hub & Drum changeover process.... A metal brake drum can not be relined cheaply....that outfit relines the 8 Lug Pontiac Brake Drum, for example, at $...
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    1967 Imperial front calipers and pads

    I have the Front Disc Brake Rotors and *** N.O.S. *** ASBESTOS *** Brake Pads *** such that you have the nicest softest smoooooothest braking system known to mankind, don’t rip up the expensive Brake Rotors to smithereens.... And, I have Caliper Rebuilding service..... P.M. me, as per forum...
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    SOLD Nos 67-68 starter relay's

    Hey Kyle, Check your P.M. Craig....
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    Replacement rotor

    As long as you are "comfortable " with Chineseum.... Raybestos, with the rest of the Chinese sell outs, are sadly, all Chineseum..... I have a handful (only) remaining of N.O.S. U.S.A. made Hub & Rotor (1 piece --- aftermarket) Assemblies.... P.M. me, as per forum rules, if interested...
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    good source for tie rod ends?

    Mike, My inbox is full and I can't delete them this week.... I am away at HERSHEY, the biggest car show in the Universe.... We will reconvene after I get back, after October 15th.... Yours, Craig.... (Thanx, Dave...)
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    Disc Brakes for an Imperial

    I only received a P.M. from boydsdodge yesterday..... And I received absolutely NO communication from this macr0w, at all, period, and my inbox now has all 15 messages in there, and I can not erase / delete them --- but the 15th was boydsdodge yesterday..... Yours, Craig....
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    Disc Brakes for an Imperial

    You are 100 % correct as usual, Matt / detmatt... Spent last seven (7) days at Fall Carlisle --- and will be at HERSHEY for the next six (6) days.... I P.M.ed him.... Thank You.... yours, Craig....
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    WANTED Stock Dual point distributor for RB engine

    Ray / HalifaxHops is The Man....
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    Parts are available!

    As long as you are willing to utilize 100 % Chineseum garbage on your ride.... Check the labels.... Wuhan specials....
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    1967 Chrysler Newport

    Congratulations!!! Looks like a very clean, original survivor -- that is sweet.... If you wind up needing some Quality parts --- *** N.O.S. ** Asbestos *** Brake Shoes (if brake fluid soaked), Wheel Cylinders, & Emergency Brake Cables --- P.M. me, as per forum rules.... I have all of that...
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    wheel cylinder worth re-conditioning

    With all that crud, there is a High likelihood that the pistons have "locked / welded themselves" to the inside of the wheel cylinder.... There is less than a 1 % chance that those wheel cylinders are salvageable / rebuildable --- and probably not even resleevable.... What are you going to...
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    SOLD 11x3" brake parts C body 1966 300

    While the O P has been on this site repeatedly, he hasn't responded to either of us.... What he doesn't know is that in 11 days, I will be off to Englishtown, N.J., Fall Carlisle, Pa. And HERSHEY, Pa. --- Such that I can not ship anything for 20 days.... So, if he needs extra time to save up...
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    SOLD 11x3" brake parts C body 1966 300

    Detmatt, The things he will need that you illustrate above, that do not come in any kits, are those anchor bolt hold downs, the long bars, and the parking brake struts. He will need those 6 pieces, indeed.... Yours, Craig.... The Rest, don't even bother wasting your time digging --- I have it...
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    SOLD 11x3" brake parts C body 1966 300

    As indicated above, I have EVERTHING Brand New --- N.O.S. BRAKE DRUMS, *** N.O.S. *** Asbestos *** Brake Shoes, Wheel Cylinders, Brake Hardware --- the Combi / Hardware Kits and the Adjuster Kits --- For Front & Rear.....and a whoooooole lot more..... P.M. me, if interested, as per forum...