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  1. brougham brummel

    NOT MINE NOT MINE '73 Imperial Coupe project

    Never buy a persons unfinished project.
  2. brougham brummel

    Formal Styling

    Truth be known. i loved the pre-74 LTD,s when they had cool turbine hubcaps and more shaping. I loved the 70 and 71 T-birds with the beak grille and lovely slope tail end with the cool rear tail lights.And the Mercury Marauder from 1970 to 71.the Mercury Marquis looked ok and Landau 2 doors with...
  3. brougham brummel

    For Sale Not Mine 18K Mile 75 Imperial LeBaron Crown Coupe

    Uuummmmm.That Karen Carpenter Imperial,has a new home in Las Vegas at a dealer,price? 59,995.00
  4. brougham brummel

    For Sale 1969 New Yorker 4 d sedan

    At least the upholstery is in really good shape.Since derby guys are destroying or parting out most of the formals, 440 engines should be easy to find
  5. brougham brummel

    NOT MINE 1973 Chrysler Imperial on eBay - NOT MINE

    I had a 77 and a 76 NYB. What,s the biggest plus or minus regarding how they drive and handle, and the way it,s easy to live with or not, 69 to 73 Imp. Versus the 74 to 78 Formal Chrysler.Is one better than the other.I,m more interested in highway driving and how they brake.Phil
  6. brougham brummel

    Formal Styling

    unless the derby guys get them all.I check facebook marketplace routinely and the amount of cars being parted out is about 50 percent almost.There are tons of lincolns and caddys out there.WHY DON,T THEY USE THEM? oops
  7. brougham brummel

    Formal Styling

    The fords of the 70,s are pretty forgettable.They were squarish and kind of bloated.The c types looked much,much better and stylish
  8. brougham brummel

    1978 New Yorker w/o St. Regis

    is that car still available?
  9. brougham brummel

    1972-73 IMPERIAL FOR SALE Tracker starting NOW into INFINITY.

    I like Tina Patina.Heh.But that avocado like green is simply lustrous.And yes i,m still livid about that 2 door black Imperial that looked like it survived Pearl Harbor.Look like the roof got strafed.B.B
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    Wow.Sounds like fun.B.B
  11. brougham brummel


    Yeah.Let,s keep it just about cars.Not everybody has the answers but there are those who have the hands on experience and that,s what we need here.Thanks.B.B
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    Yeah,but would a Yugo fair well against a 73 Imperial?? Heh.Just kidding.B.B
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    Wow, i love the round headlight giant Monte Carlos.Would love one with a 454.B.B
  14. brougham brummel

    For Sale 72 Imperial 2 door. Not mine trying to help save before part out

    If i had space and money i would get a seviceable new yorker 2door and try to exchange the front and back parts.I don,t know if that,s possible but the roof rust holes you see are only the problem you can,s much worse when you pick at it.But that interior is strangely intact and the front...
  15. brougham brummel

    1977 New Yorker

    Yes.I saw those.Shame he,s not selling the whole car.If i had a project car and needed an interior i,d jump on it.Thanks,B.B
  16. brougham brummel

    1977 New Yorker

    It seems more and more people just want to part cars out that look really nice.I just hope people grab these leather interiors.The quality of the leather i think was well above average.It was thick and hard to destroy unless you left it in the sun.I,m sure Newport owners may want to upgrade.I...
  17. brougham brummel

    For Sale Not mine. 72 new yorker coupe

    Wow.I love the 300 coupe.B.B
  18. brougham brummel

    For Sale Not mine. 72 new yorker coupe

    Is the latter series fuselage Auto-Temp 2 the same as the Formal cars? thanks.B.B
  19. brougham brummel

    For Sale Not mine. 72 new yorker coupe

    Cars and guys go together.Lady,s need to understand that.Cars always meant a way out in our crazy world.It,s a stress breaker.Just cruise on down the road,B.B