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    NOT MINE 67 Imperial coupe not mine

    Wonder what it looks like underneath? Fix the drivers seat and R fender and yer done! Easy way to get into the hobby for short money.
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    For Sale 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury V8 4 speed - $3,000 (Omaha)

    Rust in quarters...what would be worth mentioning is NO rust in the quarters. I think rusty quarters was standard equipment. When we drove them before they were ten years old they were rusty, both Bs and Cs.
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    For Sale 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury V8 4 speed - $3,000 (Omaha)

    The arm rest looks to me on my small phone screen that it is not just missing but may have been torn off, with more damage than meets the eye. Just listing the obvious problems. From what is visible the car seems to have good bones.
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    For the Vets on Veterans day

    Uh...the 10th is the USMC bday. The 11th is Veterans day.
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    For Sale 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury V8 4 speed - $3,000 (Omaha)

    R arm rest gone. Console lock gone. I wonder what it looks like under the hood...and underneath. Looks like the one I didn't buy back in about was a 426....doh!
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    1977 440 Redline?

    So, when will the question be answered? What is the factory determined red line for a 78 440? As it came from the factory, where would Chrysler mark the tach? Not where you could spin it to depending on x, y or z. Where would the tach be marked on a factory unit if it had one?
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    Helpful tip

    I bet John and Ringo would be interested!
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    Old man?

    Its to hide the spot on your head where the hair on your chin used to be.
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    Metal In Engine After Cam Break In

    Cam Break-in was high idle of 2000 RPM for 20 minutes. Reason for high idling is to heat up and temper the cam & lifters. Huh? The factory doesn't heat up and temper their materials?
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    Brake situation

    That's not a safe situation. If it gets hot enough to do that at home, just think what it would be like in traffic on a 95° day. This sounds like a master cylinder that needs repair.
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    Heavy Metal

    It only identified the ship. Your commentary said it is the only remaining ship from WW I, which is incorrect. Its okay to make a mistake. We won't look down on ya for it.
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    Heavy Metal

    Then you should have stated it. Hence, my clarification.
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    Heavy Metal

    The Texas is the only WW I dreadnought BATTLESHIP remaining. The Olympia, a cruiser, is in Philadelphia. Other countries have WW I ships as museums.
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    gen 1 viper engine in a 69 fury

    The V-10 is only six inches longer than the LA engine its based on.
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    Walgreens commercial

    Using old cars in ads is just like every ad now using old songs. I wonder who they are targeting?
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    Have fuel, cranks, no start diagnosis-----diagnosis

    It has fuel but the car has been sitting. Did you get rid of the old fuel and put in fresh?
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    gen 1 viper engine in a 69 fury

    Check this out! Viper V10-Powered Valiant Ute
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    Asia making all the shit we can't

    There are other countries they could go to. BTW doesn't GM have a plant in China? As for manufacturing here, look at the steel industry. It seems to be booming. And many of the foreign steel companies-among them Severstal, Russia; ThyssenKrupp AG,Germany; AK Steel, US/Japan; ArcelorMittal...
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    Asia making all the shit we can't

    So why don't those companies go to China, too?
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    Asia making all the shit we can't

    INCORRECT. They have to abide by OSHA and EPA in this country just like American manufacturers. And they pay as much or more. And the workers don't want the unions.