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  1. Mike66Chryslers

    Cam package from Comp cams

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing that David. For comparison's sake I'll add a bit more detail to my experience. My engine is also a 383. My Comp cam and lifter kit used an older grind, the High Energy 252H or 256H. I forget which, their mildest one though, advertised power band from idle to...
  2. Mike66Chryslers

    Phantom C bodies

    I'm guessing you either don't have kids or they are older. Today kids have to be in a car seat for years, and modern kids car seats are HUGE. Trying to put a car seat into the back of a 2-door is a PITA. Putting a small kid in/out of one back there isn't much better. Once they're old enough to...
  3. Mike66Chryslers

    Touch up paint pen

    Poly is short for "polychromatic", which is a fancy way of saying metallic.
  4. Mike66Chryslers

    Cam package from Comp cams

    If the initial break-in went ok and you're happy now, it will probably be ok. :) I had defective Comp lifters in an engine I built over 10 years ago which would not stay pumped-up once the engine warmed up and would start clattering. Comp would not replace them under warranty, claimed it was...
  5. Mike66Chryslers

    WANTED Electric trunk release

    Will these also fit on earlier C-bodies (specifically 1966)?
  6. Mike66Chryslers

    Cam package from Comp cams

    Edelbrock and Comp are owned by the same company now. I would also recommend Lunati, though I have no personal experience with them. I would have used a Lunati Voodoo cam in a recent installation but they require a 3-bolt...
  7. Mike66Chryslers

    Phantom C bodies

    I remember reading about this car (must the same one!) that the Hemi was actually dealer installed, not done at the factory. Perhaps this is the thread you are thinking of. Here...
  8. Mike66Chryslers

    Carlisle 2022

    Thanks for the helpful advice. I just reserved a room at the Hampton Inn in Mechanicsburg. The price for a room has almost doubled since I booked for 2020. Oh well, here's hoping things continue to improve with the virus and border situation. :thumbsup:
  9. Mike66Chryslers

    Dash LEDs '65 and 66? How difficult?

    I recommend that you don't wait for your ammeter to fail to bypass it. Could start a fire inside your dashboard. You don't necessarily need to completely remove the front seat from the car. For my car that has a bench, I unbolt it, lift the studs out of the holes in the floor, and move back into...
  10. Mike66Chryslers

    Dash LEDs '65 and 66? How difficult?

    The ones I bought are dimmable. I don't think they dim as linearly as incandescent bulbs as you turn the knob. I changed out almost every bulb in the dashboard with LEDs at the same time, including heater controls, radio and clock, so you don't really notice because there's nothing to compare...
  11. Mike66Chryslers

    Voyager 1 and 2 still alive!!!! 38,000 mph!

    It's possible that a refueling port was added to Webb, so that some future space vehicle could be sent up to rendezvous with it and refuel it. Even if so, that would be a much more complicated feat than refueling Hubble was.
  12. Mike66Chryslers

    Voyager 1 and 2 still alive!!!! 38,000 mph!

    Hubble has exceeded its original mission lifetime, which was 15 years. This was possible because there were space shuttle missions to Hubble to refuel, repair and replace on-board instruments. Webb is not orbiting earth, so no resupply missions are possible. When it runs out of fuel for orbit...
  13. Mike66Chryslers

    Dash LEDs '65 and 66? How difficult?

    I remove the front seat before working under the dash now. Much easier to work under the dash and you can drop the column further to get it out of the way. Obviously this is easier if you have bucket seats. IIRC, you need to remove the center ashtray to access some things. (Try not removing it...
  14. Mike66Chryslers

    1966 Dodge Polara 489cui stroker header quest....

    @Shamu70 I looked up Sidewinder heads which the OP wants to use. They have angled plugs like Edelbrock heads. I know from experience with Edelbrock heads that angled plugs don't work with HP manifolds, constantly burning #7 plug boot, but fitment is very good with Schumacher tri-Y headers.
  15. Mike66Chryslers

    70 Polara Column Connector

    IGN RUN wire is hot when the key is in RUN position. IGN START wire is hot when the key is in START (starter cranking) position. During cranking, the coil gets full battery voltage but the ECU is powered through the ballast resistor.
  16. Mike66Chryslers

    Chrysler of Canada

    Neat photos. On a related note, anyone have any magazine print ads from Chrysler Canada? I only really look for 1966 Chrysler ads, but all of the 1966 Chrysler ads I see are from the US, except for this one. I found this scan of it online somewhere, not an actual hardcopy.
  17. Mike66Chryslers

    66 Monaco single brake reservoir to dual

    This thread contains the part numbers of the Weatherhead part numbers that I used. I needed the same ones for a dual-circuit upgrade using a 1967 drum MC and for a disc conversion/upgrade using a 1973 disc MC. This booster work with dual reservoir master cylinder?
  18. Mike66Chryslers

    Can a power disc master cylinder work with power drums?

    Drum MCs usually have residual pressure valves in both circuits. Disc MCs do not have a residual pressure valve on the disc circuit. Some people say the residual pressure valve is not needed, that there is no danger of air getting into the system past the seals on the wheel cylinders because the...
  19. Mike66Chryslers

    WANTED 66 300 Taillight Trim.

    Thanks, Happy New Year to you too Kevin. I guess my first new year's resolution will have to be to clean out my inbox. :)