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    What are you working on today??

    Finally getting the emergency brakes on my 2002 F-350 straightened out. Brackets from the cable to the brake shoes are frozen and the shoes are shot.
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    1965 Fury II Horn button

    Ground, ground the world around. Check your grounds. If it’s working on the bench, I would start there. Next, bulkhead connector. You probably should get some deoxit too. CAIG Laboratories D100L-2DB Electric Cleaner
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    Smallblock headers

    Search is your friend. In Search of 318LA Headers
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    URGENT, This Is No Joke! $1.00 5 QT Oil At Home Depot!!

    I pulled the intake manifold off an old Chrysler and you couldn’t see the lifters as they were covered in wax. Old paraffin based Pennzoil.
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    Meat Load Dead at 74

    Alice Cooper is also a scratch golfer (read really good).
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    Anybody have keepsakes from previous cars?

    I have several pieces from cars that I have owned. A piece of bondo from my 65 Mustang, taillights and hubcaps from a 67 Tbird that I destroyed in a demolition derby, a Corvair emblem from a 65 Monza that I painted in 8th grade and my brother died in right up the street from our house in 1984...
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    We can't ignore the coronavirus.....

    Religion is set of rules that are supposed to be closely linked with spirituality. The second and most important part is what’s often ignored.
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    We can't ignore the coronavirus.....

    The MSM will never discuss or present any information regarding the ‘cost of human life’, nor any trades on saving one person or another.
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    Some more classic pictures

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    Friday tunes..

    Great song in Campbell’s final album
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    My Eagle is off.

    Looks like the bumper is shifted to the left.
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    Life Update - Resume Work on the ‘68

    Glad that you are ok. Enjoy the GM products. I received a $hit taste in my mouth from a 95 Suburban radio and the Diesel engine that didn’t have the cylinder head cooling passages designed properly. I will never own another. Regarding your Chrysler, get on it!
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    We can't ignore the coronavirus.....

    Read about people who have died that have had all vaccines and not from COVID. My feeling is that it needs to be put in context and even after that, many are not logically explainable. I really believe that we don’t know how to solve this, what it is and that throwing billions at it isn’t the...
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    Anyone here own a Jukebox?

    I just received 4 Thomas Edison records from my fiancé’s son. Apparently, they are unique to the Edison phonograph. I still have to do some research on the differences between the Edison records and diamond discs. Thank you for the history and information!
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    Studebaker purchase opportunity

    Probably a good choice. Pick your battles.
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    What's the funniest mod you've seen in a while???

    I was thinking of a Corvair van front.
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    1970 Plymouth Sport Fury V10 Swap Build Thread

    “I can't use the stock speedo because it is mechanical and the V10 PCM needs to have the VSS sensor where the cable would go on the trans.” I think that you have chosen. I don’t see it as a can’t… Nice layout.
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    Voyager 1 and 2 still alive!!!! 38,000 mph!

    Webb appears to be on track, despite a few ‘adjustments’… James Webb Space Telescope: Everything is 'hunky dory'