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  1. crazyboutwagons

    Freight shipping

    When i bought my replacement tailgate in South Dakota they put in a windshield box and strapped it with plastic banding and shipped it to warehouse where i knew the manager and i picked it up there. That was close to 10 years ago and cost me $250.00 for shipping no need for a pallet.
  2. crazyboutwagons

    Let's see some Wagons!

    Being the owner of a 68 Plymouth Fury wagon when i changed my rusted out tailgate i used a 68 tailgate. The trim panels are different for all 3 levels of trim on a 68 tailgate. The 67 tailgates used a different panel entirely. The panels are extremely hard to find in perfect condition i have...
  3. crazyboutwagons

    Let's see some Wagons!

    Great looking wagon. I have a soft spot for the 67-68 Fury wagons. I have a 68 Sport Suburban .
  4. crazyboutwagons

    1965 fury

    When i was growing up i remember a couple 4spd Sport Fury car's in our neighborhood. My older sister dated a guy with a 65 Impala ss 396 4 spd there was at least 2 more that his friends owned and 1 68 Impala SS 427 4spd convertible. I witnessed one of the Sport Fury's get totaled by the guy...
  5. crazyboutwagons

    1973 Plymouth Fury Wagon

    Great looking wagon. Brings back memories of high school my dad had a 73 Custom Suburban exactly like yours that i drove every chance i could get. I would get up early to take him to work so i could drive it to school there were a couple of us in school who drove wagons. Ours had a 400 cu in had...
  6. crazyboutwagons

    NOT MINE 1970 Plymouth Fury III Convertible - $17,500 - Akron, Ohio

    Engine bay looks to have had some quick poorly done work done to it paint spray on belts and manifolds, ill fitted plug wires the top radiator hose. I think this car was at the Wooster Mopar Swap Meet a few months ago not so good looking up close.
  7. crazyboutwagons

    Murray Park in Ohio

    Murray just helped me out also had a NOS brake booster check valve i could not find anywhere also got a used one as a backup if needed.
  8. crazyboutwagons

    Local First Responders Tribute Show Pittsburgh,Pa

    PH27L7:Yes it was one of the best local shows this year. I walked around a couple times looking at the cars. I did not see your Sport Fury sorry i missed it .Maybe we will cross paths in the future.
  9. crazyboutwagons

    Local First Responders Tribute Show Pittsburgh,Pa

    Ok thanks just hard to do from my phone as the pictures are only thumbnails and hard to see the pic #
  10. crazyboutwagons

    Local First Responders Tribute Show Pittsburgh,Pa

    These sisters from Erie ,Pa jumped at offer to relive childhood memories.I usually allow parents to put their small kids in the way back seat.They sent the pictures to their 85 year father they were almost in tears.Was such a great day.
  11. crazyboutwagons

    Local First Responders Tribute Show Pittsburgh,Pa

    More. Chased a 61 Chrysler 300 in red with a saddle interior all afternoon every time I would get close for pictures it would move around to another spot or a crowd stabding around it finally gave up gorgeous car never seen it in the area before.
  12. crazyboutwagons

    Local First Responders Tribute Show Pittsburgh,Pa

    Some more a lot of race cars also.
  13. crazyboutwagons

    Local First Responders Tribute Show Pittsburgh,Pa

    Took the wagon and my wife's Pontiac Solstice convertible to a car cruise dedicated to First Responders to just north of Pgh,Pa lot of cars at least 300 or more.A lot of nice Mopars.
  14. crazyboutwagons

    Hood scoop.....

    Was the same thing i was thinking. Will be watching what you come up with.
  15. crazyboutwagons

    Hood scoop.....

    Knebel: Just wondering what you were thinking of doing for custom insulation as i have been thinking of using foil backed insulation on the underside of the hood the aftermarket pads are junk they don't fit properly and the don't last i have replaced mine twice in the last 3 years they fall...
  16. crazyboutwagons

    NOT MINE 1968 Fury Wagon

    This car looks familiar was originally posted back on March 24 by sportfury70 for sale in Mass. Has the same dealer front plate on it must be a flipper.
  17. crazyboutwagons

    What Brand of Replacement Master Cylinder?

    I second Craig @ Mobileparts. I bought a brand new Wagner M/C when i upgraded to front disc brakes 2 years ago and just replaced it because it started to leak fluid. I bought a replacement from Craig problem solved.
  18. crazyboutwagons

    67-68 Fury Picture thread

    I took a picture of our cars today after we picked up the wagon from the shop.The bad news is the A/C compressor is shot something broke inside and the clutch will not engage.Now to figure the most cost effective solution not in any hurry. On the upside car is driveable.My wife just bought the...
  19. crazyboutwagons

    Plug wires for a '65 Newport

    I second Big_Johns recommendation on Lectric Limited wire sets i bought mine from them for my 68 wagon. One of the wires was not long enough(cyl 7) according to their instructions i called them told them how long the wire needed to be they sent me what i needed that day no charge.