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    WANTED Driver side mirror

    One for sale on E-bay, $125.00 + 13.50 s/h. Sellers name is rocketresto.
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    Front sway bar

    Check out FIRM FEEL, quality parts and decent people to deal with.
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    Windshield/Back glass install

    I'm getting ready to install the windshield and back glass on my 72 Polara, I was told that the rear window uses a 5/16" ribbon set and the windshield uses a 3/8" set. Can anyone confirm this?
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    This place seams to offer a lot of New Windshields & Other Glass for C Body's

    They don't list windshield glass for 72/73 Polara or Monaco 4 door Sedan but if you know the NAGS # (W726 thanks FURYGT.) It's the same.
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    Torque Converter question

    I'm looking for a 11" torque converter for my build, anybody know which car/engine would most likely have this style converter?
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    Problem with temp cable Fury 73

    Most Mopar police cars from that era have an A/C shut off switch located in the dash, it allowed the officer shut down power to the A/C unit during high speed pursuits.
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    Distribution Block

    Call Murray Park, 419-448-0293, lots of new & used parts.
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    440 stealth heads

    Yep what twostick said, in addition the valve springs and locks might need an upgrade based on your cam selection.
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    Beautiful 1972 Polara sedan in Minnesota (GY9 dark gold, B1X9 black vinyl bench)

    I really like this one, base model no vinyl top, and I like GY9. This will be a lot of fun for the new owner. I hope we see more of this in the future. John Candy's ride was a 73 (but you guy's already knew that.)
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    440 stealth heads

    I would never install new heads (no matter what brand) without having them checked out by a reputable machine shop. Cheaper than damaging a motor and having to disassemble and repair.
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    Some more classic pictures

    Is that an 11" torque converter?
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    just got out the cop car out today for a couple of parts

    Great car. Nice couple of photo's, just need to see about 98 more.
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    A pillar structure differences

    I know the same windshield is used on a four door sedan / station wagon. A different windshield is used on two doors and hardtops. I would prefer the a pillars from the sedan, just to be safe.
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    WANTED 440 HP manifold

    My book lists the 73 C body 400/440 LH HP manifold as part # 3744821, no casting # listed.
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    WANTED 440 HP manifold

    72 is an odd ball year, no 440 left side H.P. manifold listed.
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    Some more classic pictures

    What's going on with the roof on the Chevy that's for sale.
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    C-Body Holy Grail Restoration Starts Here; 1970 6BBL GT

    I'm gonna need a lot of pop corn.:popcorn:
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    Carlisle 2020 Pictures

    Many thanks to you and your family for taking/posting these photo's, much appreciated.
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    I just purchased an old aluminum intake manifold, decent shape but it has some carbon buildup. I looked online and I've seen everything from basting crushed walnut shells to over the counter cleaners to oven cleaner. Anybody here have hands on experience? What works for you?
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    WANTED Windshield wedge for 72 Polara

    Thanks, I spoke with the installer and he said not to worry about it, so now I can move on to the next problem. :rolleyes: