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  1. 65_Polara

    Interior upgrade cost

    That's a little better than what I've been quoted. Upholstery is unreal expensive.
  2. 65_Polara

    8 inch wheels on front

    I'm running almost this exact combo--of which I posted a picture and explained that I didn't like it. I'm happy that you're happy with the choices that you've made.
  3. 65_Polara

    8 inch wheels on front

    I decided to return to this post 8 months later, as I'm getting close to ordering wheels (got caught up in some A-body madness). This is exactly the picture I was looking for--looks great!! THANK YOU!!!
  4. 65_Polara

    8 inch wheels on front

    I’m starting to remember why I’ve been a member of this forum for 10 years and have 63 posts. If you return to my initial post, you’ll see that I’ve addressed the tire/wheel combo and requested that folks not to hassle me about it. THE MANUFACTURER’S spec sheet (not Tire Rack, not anyone on...
  5. 65_Polara

    8 inch wheels on front

    I’ve considered calling Stockton, but I’d prefer not to pay $200ea for a stock steel wheel. Also, if I’m going to go with a custom wheel, I’d really like to see how close to Boogie City I’d get with 4” of wheel sticking out off the drum/rotor hat. Also, I’ve never mounted a 235 on an 8” wheel...
  6. 65_Polara

    8 inch wheels on front

    Bump steer is related to toe and the relative lengths and angles of the tie rods and LCA/spindle pivots points. Adjustments in ride height might affect this, track width should not—especially after an alignment (I’ve got a brake swap and front end rebuild to do yet). Yes, the wheel I’m proposing...
  7. 65_Polara

    8 inch wheels on front

    That's what I'm talking about--I'd just like to see it on one of these cars.
  8. 65_Polara

    8 inch wheels on front

    Pig? Elephant? Whatever it takes. Your pictures do a fairly good job of illustrating what I'm talking about. I have the rear wheels figured out and I'm much less concerned about cross sectional width than height as it relates to the tire. I'm just talking about getting as close to the sheet...
  9. 65_Polara

    No Spark after unplugging coil wire...FIXED!!!!

    Are you running a ballast resistor or using a coil with an internal primary resistance? The old ECUs would stand up to a full 12V in "RUN" whereas--for the reasons stated above--I don't believe the new ones will.
  10. 65_Polara

    No Spark after unplugging coil wire...FIXED!!!!

    If you turned the key to the off position pretty shortly thereafter, I wouldn't think so. You basically just created the same condition that the ECU sees every time the rotor finds itself between two poles in the cap (coil charging). I know Pertronix units don't like to see voltage when the coil...
  11. 65_Polara

    Dumb things people did at car shows...

    One time I left home and thought I had everything. I had my big mirror, my drive-in tray, my 30 y/o book of photos documenting how I took an already nice car apart and put it back together; but I totally forgot my dust shammy and was unable to periodically wipe down my valve covers. Boy, was my...
  12. 65_Polara

    8 inch wheels on front

    Thank you, but I'm not talking about a wide tire. I'm talking about a 235/70-15 on a 1" wider than normal wheel. Also, not for anything, but I can't imagine braking or handling being adversely affected by a wider tire in any scenario. I'd, personally, like to keep the tread patch as narrow as...
  13. 65_Polara

    8 inch wheels on front

    I don't think you're confused, Stan, so much as you needed a reason to post your HiLaRiOuS picture. No, not outside the wheel well--to the wheel well. You know, so it doesn't look like a pig on stilts. With a cop wheel, there's like 3" inches of space between the fender lip and the outermost...
  14. 65_Polara

    8 inch wheels on front

    It bugs me endlessly to see cars where the tires are pulled way in under a car--like A12 cars with G70s on 6 inch wheels. On the back of my '68 Fury, I currently have a set of 255/70-15s on US Wheel Rat Rod 15x8s with 3.75" backspace that look amazing. That said, they don't accept a the '68...
  15. 65_Polara

    For Sale Worth saving?

    Worth it monetarily? No. But for someone that isn't afraid to weld, you could probably put that thing together for not that much money and have a decent, fun driver. Unfortunately, it's been my experience that the majority of people that buy old cars are only buying them to sell them. I'll bet...
  16. 65_Polara

    Anyone done their own Convertible top replacement?

    My cousin and I did one on a Miata once and we knew less than nothing about what we were doing. Granted, it was 1/3 the size; but I was pretty happy with how it turned out. It helps to let it sit out in the sun for a while to make the material more pliable. My '63 Valiant is going to need a top...
  17. 65_Polara

    It’s not for sale! NFS thread.

    I've got a '68 in my driveway that looks worse than the above '67. It's also not for sale... but I suppose nobody's ever asked.
  18. 65_Polara

    67 polara 500. need.

    Have you called? Their site isn't the greatest. You might also try Dante's. Dante’s | Mopar Parts Catalog |Classic Muscle Car Parts – Buy Mopar Parts and Classic Auto Accessories Online
  19. 65_Polara

    68 Fury w/ Torq Thrusts

    Has anyone put the 15x8.5 Torq Thrusts with 3.77 or 3.81 backspace on a '68 Fury? I've got 15x7 cop wheels with 4.25 BS on it now and the sidewall is like 3" away from the lip and it looks kinda dopey to me. I'd like to move the tires out closer to the lip but I wonder if losing a 1/2 inch of...