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  1. glennb49

    Story of the Chrysler 300 "Zebra"

    Here are some pictures of pictures of my Zebra 67 300 taken around 1973. sorry for the poor quality.
  2. glennb49

    Story of the Chrysler 300 "Zebra"

    Arlo was my future father in law in 1973. He gave me this 67 300 after his sons managed to have a fender bender with it. The right quarter was hit severely right behind the door. He was told it was a promotional car used by Good Year Tires, he had acquired it from his friend in the Chicago...
  3. glennb49

    SOLD Mine- 2005 Dodge Magnum R/T 5.7 HEMI Station Wagon. $5,500

    My neighbor has its twin! It is my wifes not appreciated 6am alarm clock when he get on it every morning!!I have always wanted a Magnum just not at 6 in the morning!!
  4. glennb49

    GY9 71 GT

    Know youll be happy and doing what you enjoy most, bringing your dream GI back to all its former glory!!
  5. glennb49

    Another,AnotherAnother,Another 1961 FURY

    Thats a great looking parts Imp! Here in Wi. Your idea of rusty parts car looks very solid to us! Nice find and cross rams to boot! This is the floor in my parts car 79 Doba with T tops, The frame rails are going along with the leaf springs up through the trunk floor! T top transfer to my 79...
  6. glennb49

    Another,AnotherAnother,Another 1961 FURY

    Great finds! Making any progress on the 61? Please post some more pictures!!
  7. glennb49

    Found a 79 300 in a yard

    Yes those are for the wheels! I need them want to sell, how much? Im up north of Madison, Id like to come down and check it out at the yard and see your collection. Please call me 920 887 8593 Beaver Dam Wi. Glenn.
  8. glennb49

    SOLD Not Mine 1979 Chrysler 300 - $1,700 - Lawrence, Kan.

    Yes and this one is even rarer than T tops with the sun roof! Hope it is saved!!
  9. glennb49

    For Sale 1953 Buick parts

    there I finally figured out how to empty out my message files! But now I started a new conversation which I just wanted to message Detmatt, Any way how much for all the Buick parts and the possibility of picking them up at Columbus Mopar show in August?
  10. glennb49

    For Sale 1953 Buick parts

    My friend has a 65 Monaco, You want his email, thanks for the compliment!
  11. glennb49

    Looks like they were off a Supper or Road Master buy the wheel covers, The brakes should be the...

    Looks like they were off a Supper or Road Master buy the wheel covers, The brakes should be the same. The weight for the four drums alone to ups is going to be $$$ My brother in law is going to Mopar national in Columbus in August, If you do he could pick it all up there! What kind of money we...
  12. glennb49

    For Sale 1953 Buick parts

    Yes I have a 53 Buick Skylark. Id be interested in all of it, can never have to many spares, what kind of money we looking at? where you at again? Im in Wi. Road trip in my 57 IH?
  13. glennb49

    Me and my son got the imperial ready for the derby

    Go on U tube and put in demo derbies, In Minnesota they have Imperial only demo derbies, It enough to make you cry!!
  14. glennb49

    SOLD 2002 Chrysler 300M Pro Am - $6,000.00 MINE

    Ive never heard of the Pro Am 300 either, Love the two tone interior with the brushed trim like in the Special, I owned my 02 300 Special from 2011-2018 and it even stated in the owners manual those 18 inch tires were not intended for winter driving, but by 2011 I put all seasons on it and had...
  15. glennb49

    Another,AnotherAnother,Another 1961 FURY

    Kathy is already telling me I need to thin out the herd! Id have to sell one of my others to make room and I don't want to part with any of them! Yes Im in the mood to go junk yarding, just closer to home! Hope your doing well and again I enjoyed our trip up to see Doc's great collection of...
  16. glennb49

    Another,AnotherAnother,Another 1961 FURY

    Yes you sure do have two very rare 61s!! Keep posting pictures of both, Makes me want to finally find a 61 of my own! This wagon is just up the road but pretty far gone!
  17. glennb49

    Virtual Car Show 04/26/20, what are you bringing??

    Thanks Pete for organizing the show! Lets all take our Lysol injections and kill this virus inside us so we can meet in the flesh at the next show!
  18. glennb49

    Virtual Car Show 04/26/20, what are you bringing??

    I decided to bring my 63 Plymouth Savoy 4 door sedan slant six stick! Dad bought this car in Jan 1964 and I bought from him in 1971, same family for 56 years and counting! I took my drivers test in it twice! Dated Kathy, it was in our wedding, going on 46 years, we haven't killed each other yet...
  19. glennb49

    1972 Chrysler New Yorker 9 passenger wagon - $8750

    I let mine go way too cheap if this one is worth 8K in this condition, Id say more like 3K I still have an extra sets of skirts if the new owner wants to put them back on! I really think they look great with them and not so with out!