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  1. JJ300

    JJ's 69 300 Restoration

    I will pretty much do the assembly myself. Engine is rebuilt, and tranny just had new seals installed. Here is the latest. . When it left home last year, and when it arrived home today. The one picture where it is being loaded has a shadow cast on the rear, my painter said "what it would look...
  2. JJ300

    69 Chrysler seat belt cover/sleeve

    My 2 door hs a cover.
  3. JJ300

    JJ's 69 300 Restoration

    Ok, been a while, but work is progressing....slower than I had hoped, but many factors...anyway here's the latest. Body painted, cut and first polish. Looking to bring it home after the 1st, install engine, and start assembly as my painter finishes the rest of the panels..
  4. JJ300

    Refinishing Roadwheels

    I used the lighter silver argent on mine. Taped off by hand...tedious. Same wheel, one pic with flash, one without.
  5. JJ300

    65 Fury 2-door sedan.......and it's done.....after 9 years.

    Nice Job!!! Congrats on finishing it!!!!
  6. JJ300

    Wiring Harness

    When I did my first 300 wiring harness, some years ago, Evans didn't have one, but he took my original and made one from that. Call and ask if he still can do that
  7. JJ300

    NOT MINE 1969 Fury

    Sorry about duplicate post, mods delete if needed.....
  8. JJ300

    NOT MINE 1969 Fury

    1969 Plymouth - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive sale
  9. JJ300

    NOT MINE 1969 Fury

    Claims 29000 miles, looks sharp.
  10. JJ300

    NOT MINE 1969 Fury

    1969 Plymouth - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive sale
  11. JJ300

    OK, Whats going to happen to our vehicles when theres no gas?

    Well, ahem, I work for "big oil".. a refinery in Toledo. Oil isn't going anywhere soon because EVERYTHING you touch ,(plastics, chemicals, even Vaseline,) is made from oil, so as gasoline is a byproduct of oil, it's not going away either. Now they may try to legislate it, but until something is...
  12. JJ300

    NOT MINE 1968 New Yorker

    with console!!!
  13. JJ300

    NOT MINE 1968 New Yorker Looks nice....
  14. JJ300

    Welcome CBodySize to FCBO!

    Welcome from Northwood Ohio!
  15. JJ300

    Evans wiring Engine Wiring Harness

    I just purchased my engine forward kit, and battery cables. This is my second time. One for my previous 300, and one for the current 300. No complaints!
  16. JJ300

    Rear Window

    Well, In the Toledo area, I used Chris Dixon. He used to work under "wounded knee" , has quite a background in hot rods. Pm me if interested, and I can reach out to him. He's pretty busy
  17. JJ300

    Rear Window

    my 69 300 before and after. As stated previously, seek out a good metal man.
  18. JJ300

    NOT MINE 1969 Chrysler New Yorker 4dr Hardtop - $6,000 - Duluth, Minnesota

    Wow, I would even get after this 4 door pickle ..looks nice, decent price