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  1. stubs300

    Runs like a Teriyaki rice burner

    Bump your timing up to 10-12* or even higher if you don't get ping, your car will thank you and you'll be happier too. Good Luck
  2. stubs300

    Site Software Update ---

    Joey, you also need to fix the fact that when a member signs in and wishes to NOT stay signed in doesn't work. i.e. You have to manually sign out, just leaving the site doesn't sign you out. It wasn't broke to begin with, why'd you upgrade to make more work for you???
  3. stubs300

    Site Software Update ---

    Yes there is Cuda! On any post, go to the top of the page and click on you in the Gold bar! A drop down will open and on the right bottom list is following & ignore. That will tell you who's following & ignoring you! Good Luck
  4. stubs300

    Welcome flyinwhale40 to FCBO!

    Well, excuse me for living!
  5. stubs300

    Welcome flyinwhale40 to FCBO!

    Another one of those "drive by" posters never to be heard from again!!!
  6. stubs300

    I'm transitioning out of the Military

    As a 30 year retired A.F Aircrew member I can totally relate to you situation. I got out of Active duty at the 11 year point thinking the same as you with a TS-SCI background, unless you have a degree you can forget it!! This was back in 92 with the major changes that happened after Desert...
  7. stubs300

    Friday tunes..

    You just gotta love the "high water" pants!!!!! Back in the day when the Black race had some class, identity & style and not the tribal shit they have and do today!!!
  8. stubs300

    Welcome flyinwhale40 to FCBO!

    Was this your car at one time?????
  9. stubs300

    1966 Chrysler 300 under dash...

    That's a pretty crusty, rusty turn signal lever for a AZ. car if you ask me! What's the shift lever look like? Just sayin!!!
  10. stubs300

    forum not recognizing history??

    You gotta be shittin me, really? Do you know what a mouse is?
  11. stubs300

    NOT MINE 1966 Chrysler 300 Newport $8,500

    413???? I don't think so, not in a 66!
  12. stubs300

    We can't ignore the coronavirus.....

    That fifth pocket is called a "pocket watch" pocket! It's for your pocket watch! I guess that's because of all the idiots that had to run out and get stabbed! Insert sarcasm here!
  13. stubs300

    We can't ignore the coronavirus.....

    That's the only word that little shithead knows, and he uses it quite often!
  14. stubs300

    Anyone here own a Jukebox?

    The dirt!
  15. stubs300

    Welcome Denis to FCBO!

    Howyadion? Why live in Merdead CA.?
  16. stubs300

    Bad news for my '67 Fury III hardtop

    Sue the shit out of the county for failing to maintain a "safe right of way" with sign blockage,, and sue the shit out of the other driver for negligence and failure to properly maintain a unregistered vehicle! Sorry about the ribs and the car! Good Luck
  17. stubs300

    Correct engine break in and maintainance?

    Read, study, learn! Good Luck Moparts on the Web - Main Index
  18. stubs300

    Bulging Alu Radiator Tank!!!

    How long have you been runnin it with the 16psi cap?
  19. stubs300

    Avoid IN-Line Tube

    Nag, nag, nag! Have you talked to In-line about it instead of bitchin about it? Doubtful as hell!!!!!!!!