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  1. 65sporty

    Transmission kick-down

    Did you change anything besides the reseal?
  2. 65sporty

    Anyone using Powertrax I would like reviews

    I put one in a customers 06 Chevy 2500 with a 9 1/2" diff. I did it a few years ago and never heard a complaint about the unit and he street drove it all the time.
  3. 65sporty

    NEED HELP. Trouble Shooting New Fuel Sending Unit.

    I would pull the sender and test it with a meter. Ohm reading at empty and then sweep it watching the readings to full.
  4. 65sporty

    What are you working on today??

    I had to swap out the lock cylinder and tumblers in my daily Colorado Tuesday, they don't make a pre-assembled unit so I take mine apart to get the codes off the tumblers and code the new cylinder. I got it all together and drove it home, pulled up to the mail box and my drivers window wouldn't...
  5. 65sporty

    Redeye Widebody

  6. 65sporty

    AMC Gremlin

    Sorry to here about the loss of your car
  7. 65sporty

    New guy from the Motor City

    Welcome from another Michigander
  8. 65sporty

    Epic Whoops thread.

    Too much boost will also bend rods
  9. 65sporty

    Redeye Widebody

    Looks like a life size Hot Wheels
  10. 65sporty

    Had to Buy This one!

    I like it, it will be nice with a 440. But what about a stroker big block? You have one in your car don't you? Something that makes earth moving torque.
  11. 65sporty

    Canadian 1965 Monaco

    Sharp car
  12. 65sporty

    Life Update - Resume Work on the ‘68

    Glad to here your ok, I like the new to you truck
  13. 65sporty

    1970 Plymouth Sport Fury V10 Swap Build Thread

    We just did a engine and trans swap on a 86 C-10 Chevy, customer went with a 4L60E. We needed to drive the mechanical speedo, the trans used VSS with a stand alone controller. I believe we used this one. Dakota Digital ECD-200BT-1 Signal to Cable Drive Adaptor, Thread I do like your new dash...
  14. 65sporty

    Studebaker purchase opportunity

    It's not going to be a issue if your going for a Gasser look
  15. 65sporty

    Welcome Bschultz to FCBO!

    Welcome from the Mitten
  16. 65sporty

    Welcome the32hotrod to FCBO!

    Welcome from the Mitten
  17. 65sporty

    What I've been up too

    Good looking truck, it should look good for a long time. I need to do this to my 05 Colorado, rockers, box and paint repair.
  18. 65sporty

    Studebaker purchase opportunity

    I like the bullet nose Studes, very unique. A gasser would be cool, especially if it was pulling the wheels:thumbsup:
  19. 65sporty

    1972 Fury III 360 101498 miles

    When you pulled the PCV valve was there oil in the hose? A lot of newer GM trucks with the 5.3 have had issues when they get higher miles with the baffles plugging in the valve cover and will suck oil from the PCV. Anytime I have pulled the hose off there has been oil in it.
  20. 65sporty

    '66 Monaco Resto-Mod

    Sorry for the divorce, but sometimes your better apart. By the sounds of it though you have grown in the Lord. Most people call it religion, but what the Lord wants from us is a relationship and it sounds like yours is growing strong. As you know, the 7.3 is a beast. you really think it's going...