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    Window Regulator Question

    Hey Everyone, I have a 66 Polara 2 Door HardTop. The drivers side window broke off the regulator. From looking at the pieces in the door it looks like there is a plastic plug that connects the window to the regulator. That piece has lived it's full life as 54 year old plastic and gave up the...
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    WANTED 66 Polara 383 Rocker Arm Bolt Set

    Due to mis-reading the torque settings for the rocker arms I broke one of my rocker arm bolts. There are 5 total, 3 short ones and 2 long ones. I have tried to find them online, but nobody seems to have one. I would like to buy a complete set of 5 off of someone if anyone has some available.
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    Fuel detonating in intake?

    My son has a 66 Polara with a 383. We don’t have a temp gauge hooked up, and my son is fixated upon the car overheating. He said the car overheated tonight, and that the fuel was detonating/burning in the intake and never making it into the cylinder. This sounds totally crazy to me, but he is...
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    Spedometer Gear Question

    Hello All, We bought a 66 Polara 383 2Dr Hardtop for my son about a year ago. We bought it at an auction and it was stated it had a "New 727 Transmission". So take that for what it is worth. When we got the car, the speedometer was not operational. We assumed they never ran the cable after...
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    Wheel Stud Question

    So we went to get new tires on my son's 66 Polara 2dr Hardtop yesterday and found out the jackwagon who had it before used some incorrect wheel studs, and JB Welded them in place. Needless to say the JB Weld did not hold up to the shops impact guns. So we have 3 loose studs in one wheel...
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    1966 Polara 2DR Hardtop Project

    Hello Everyone, I've been lurking here for a while finding all kinds of information that has helped fix up my Son's 66 Polara. I appreciate all the help you have given people in the past as it has helped me immensely. So my son is currently 15, will be turning 16 in early September, and we've...
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    WANTED 1966 Polara or similar Front Bench Seat

    Looking for a front bench seat for a 66 Polara. Would take benches from any other similar C Body that would fit. Plan on reupholstering what we get so color and condition aren't important. Willing to pay for shipping to Lincoln NE.
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    Welcome griswold00 to FCBO!

    Working with my son on a 66 Polara for his 16th birthday. Location: Lincoln NE