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  1. StridgeUK

    '70 Wagon Carpet set?

    '70 Wagon Carpet set? - Is there anyone making one? Pretty sure it's different from a sedan carpet set. Can anyone offer any advice or tips on how to carpet my wagon please?
  2. StridgeUK

    Advice on Wheel/Tire upgrade?....

    I have a 70 Fury Wagon on it's original wheels (6.5J, currently clad with incorrect tires (235/70/15) I'm planning to upgrade to 7J on the front with 235/75/15, and 8J on the rear with 255/70/15. Before I spend far too much money, can anyone tell me if I'll have a fitting issue (especially on...
  3. StridgeUK

    Tailgate drop glass motor?

    Can anyone help with this question......? Just bought a 70 Plymouth Wagon, and tailgate drop glass motor is seized and basically dead. .....Is the motor the same as a powered window motor from a door? I'd like to get a working one if anyone out there can help?