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  1. Oz Sport Fury

    59 Fury...FULL BLOWN DRAG CAR!!!

    Aussie built 59 Fury Hard Core Door Slammer...what a mental car!!!
  2. Oz Sport Fury

    1971 Plymouth Fury 2 Sedan

    Hey mate, greetings from Australia, awesome score on the blue beast man!! Looking forward to watching it progress. My only advice would be to cover that original crack free dash pad! I have a 70 Sport Fury I imported from Jersey NY a few years ago, its had a perfect Sport Fury dash pad...
  3. Oz Sport Fury


    Hi Tony, Ive used LED and filament bulbs in the same circuits many times in my 69 Phoenix without issue. Normal bulbs are good because they keep a load on flasher relays so the LEDs blink at a normal rate. Same goes with parkers and brake lights.
  4. Oz Sport Fury

    Anyone know the story on this Chopped Beast??

    Saw this on Kingdigit Customs on cable TV here in Australia, anyone know about this crazy looking beast?
  5. Oz Sport Fury

    Rat Fink thinks we're pretty cool too!!!

    You can get this image on posters and t-shirts from Thomas Estrada, he's a licensed Rat Fink artist.
  6. Oz Sport Fury

    We do things a little bit differently here Down Under

    Hey mate the only parts that dont swap for us are the lower ball joints and thats because they're longer for some weird reason, all the other front end bits work fine. Jim Robertson can re-co the lower ball joints for you in the proper old fasioned way too!
  7. Oz Sport Fury

    We do things a little bit differently here Down Under

    This was once his family car....a man never happy with too much Horse Power LOL!!!
  8. Oz Sport Fury

    A4 70 Sport Fury GT finally complete!

    Can I ask where you got the new Dash Pad from? I need 3 of them need doing!!
  9. Oz Sport Fury

    Belt Moulding Removal Tips n Tricks

    Hey guys, I'm going to get the back half of the 71 media blasted so we can see just how much rust there is...I keep telling myself it's only question is what's the best and safest way to remove the body length side mouldings? I have one of those harbour freight type trim removal...
  10. Oz Sport Fury

    Wow...I expected better to honest...

    Well...I ripped off the band-aid and tore open the can of worms and started chasing the rust in my 71 Sport Fury 4Dr....question, what's the best way to remove the bottom row of trim between the trunk lid and back window? And I'm really amazed at just how slapped together the turret is on this...
  11. Oz Sport Fury

    Welcome Nick zemler to FCBO!

    Welcome bro, once you Fury you never go back...
  12. Oz Sport Fury

    Electric fuel pumps

    My 69 Phoenix (Fury 4dr in my pic) I had a Holley Blue pump fitted with a LPG roll over/engine cutout relay fitted, ABSOLUTE BEST THING I did to the car at that time, as the car sits for long periods, I connect the battery isolator with the green knob, turn the key, wait for the pump to finish...
  13. Oz Sport Fury

    Does anyone know where to get this sway bar bush?

    hey guys, been looking in the usual places, incl Rock Auto and I can't find the bush at the ends of the sway bar?
  14. Oz Sport Fury

    Swaybar Debate...which way is correct above or below???

    Hi Guys, I've got a 69 and a 71 both sedans. First pics are of the 69 swaybar that's never been out in the 20+ yrs I've owned it. Second pics are the 71 that we've just replaced the non existent sway bar bushes in. Question is which one is installed properly? Above or below the radius arms...
  15. Oz Sport Fury

    The first day of the rest of my life...

    Wow who designed the front swaybar bushes must have been employed by the devil!! I've never busted a gut so hard getting these bastard things on!!!! Took multiple attempts and oil every where to make any progress, we were sure we had the wrong bushes there for a while!!! It's made a massive...
  16. Oz Sport Fury

    The first day of the rest of my life...

    Well I finished work early, got into the workshop and stripped the front passenger door to replace a broken mirror and found one the glass guides sitting in the bottom of the door, worked out how that went together, tightened them all back the window sits perfect in the body when the...
  17. Oz Sport Fury

    Welcome Oz Sport Fury to FCBO!

    Thanks Pete where are you located and what do you have?
  18. Oz Sport Fury

    The first day of the rest of my life...

    I thought the previous owner told me it was a VIP III, there's no badges on it to say what it's is to be honest, it's a 360/727 p/s p/b a/c CA car with a million dents and burnt off sun bleached paint but no rust, had a stock whale mouth grille, I have a 71 hideaway complete front to go on it...