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    Any feedback on a 518 in a Fusey?

    I’m planning to have an A518 behind the 440 as well in my 73 imperial as well. As far as I concern JVX has everything to couple the engine and transmission. The crossmember must be modified or custom fabricated and the tunnel might have some “hammer adjustments”. It’s a lot of work. I have to go...
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    Power Steering

    Thank you. I'll make a search on those pressure regulators.
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    Power Steering

    Thank you for the tips. I'll check those hoses.
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    Power Steering

    Thank you for your reply. If I wanted an European firm experience I would have bought a modern European car, LOL. In my car I can't "2-finger twirling", but what I'm looking for is a 1 finger twirling steering wheel. I'll keep searching. Stay safe.
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    Power Steering

    I have a 1973 Chrysler Imperial and the steering wheel is not as light as I’d like to. I’ve already had all parts checked and a new steering box a a new power steering pump. I can assure you that the system is working as it should. What I’d like to have is something like the 60’s Ford...
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    after lots of searching found this 73 imperial

    Beautiful car. More pictures please....
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    73 Imperial "McGoldy" to join the Minnesota herd.

    What a beautiful color combination. I’ll be waiting for more pics.
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    My 72 coupe is on the way!

    Totally jaw dropping!! More pictures, information, stories, please.
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    Miss big girl "IGGY" has landed: (a 4dr '73 Imperial LeBaron).

    It’s hard to see Imperials in black. Really beautiful. I can’t wait to see pictures when she is clean. Congratulations!
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    Welcome Mr357M to FCBO!

    Thank you.
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    Pics of 69-73 C bodies

    There’s nothing like a dual quad. The sound must be sweet.
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    Pics of 69-73 C bodies

    Awesome car!!!!!!!
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    Pics of 69-73 C bodies

    My 1973 Imperial LeBaron. 115,000 miles.
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    Welcome Mr357M to FCBO!

    I’m a Mopar fan and have a 1973 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron. Location: Florida