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    1957 New Yorker added to the collection!

    I was wondering about those gauge pods too. That red just doesn't cut it for me.
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    NOT MINE 1973 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham Coupe - $12,750 - Middleburg, Pennsylvania

    I have been preaching this for YEARS. Thank you!!!!
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    Getting an Imperial Home

    This car looks WAY better than it did when I saw it in London!! That inch of crud on the outside is gone and Santa had started to clean up the mildew inside. Has the smell cleared up? Did you buy the black car?
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    NOT MINE 1969 Dodge Polara Luxury - $12,000 (Reedley)

    What's a "PALARA"? and what makes it a "Luxury" sedan????
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    NOT MINE 1969 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Coupe - $9,000 - Fairfield, California

    There's everything you need to make a '69 Imperial convertible. Be the first on your block!
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    NOT MINE 1960 Chrysler saratoga Yes $6,800

    I've run into guys before with '60 Chryslers that were a "Golden Lion" edition. But I still can't find anything to document that there is such a thing? If there is, what the fuck is in the "Golden Lion" package?
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    NOT MINE 1960 Plymouth Belvedere (Modified & Scary)

    The circus called. They want their clown car back.
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    1963-1964 C Body

    Neat that this chart ends at 1998 when "Chrysler Corporation" ceased to exist. The only issue I have with the chart is that '79 Cordoba/Magnum are "R" bodies and not "B" bodies.
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    NOT MINE 1970 polara convertible

    For $100,000 where are the other six cars?
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    Oil filter question

    Using a modern "conventional" 10w30 in a car with flat tappets is a recipe for disaster. Everybody knows or should know that the zinc and manganese in "old" oils provide the wear properties that flat tappet engines require. Toddle on over to your local GM dealer. They sell an "Engine Oil...
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    1967 Sport Fury "Daddy Long Legs" package

    When you ordered a big engine in a car from Chrysler, you automatically got bigger brakes, wheels and suspension to go with it. GM was notorious for expecting the customer to "know" what to order along with the big engine. More than once back in the day, I'd find some guy with a Chevy 409 that...
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    When was the last production day for C-Bodies?

    Has anyone gotten the build information on their '78 from Historical? If so they have the answers, if they can't provide information on a single specific car, then they really don't have the information it would take to answer all of these questions. If this covid crap dies down and I get a...
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    The Last Imperial

    Bullshit. Jeff Godshall worked for decades at Chrysler and I knew no one who sang the company song louder and stronger than Jeff. His credentials as an automotive historian are beyond reproach. He left us way too soon and took an unfathomable amount of knowledge with him.
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    When was the last production day for C-Bodies?

    Ordinarily, information from Consumer's Guide isn't worth the paper it's printed on. But when the article comes from Jeff Godshall, then you can take it to the bank. Jeff is one of a tiny handful of people whose research is absolutely second to none. I considered him a friend and think of...
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    When was the last production day for C-Bodies?

    That corresponds to the clock on the wall then.
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    When was the last production day for C-Bodies?

    Two possibilities come to mind on this: First, it might (remote chance of this) been at the plant's discretion as to how they indicated the MDH. Certainly an MDH showing the 22nd hour is based on a 24hour clock and not the hours the plant was running in any particular day. It may be that...
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    When was the last production day for C-Bodies?

    Jeff Do you recall what the source was for this picture? VINS in 1975 were 13 digits, and there's absolutely no way that Chrysler would just randomly toss another character into the vin just for the hell of it. Just about any state in the US would balk at registering it because of the extra...
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    When was the last production day for C-Bodies?

    No skirts was standard equipment. And those are the mouldings you got when you didn't get skirts. Skirts were optional and came with a moulding at the bottom of the skirt opening.
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    When was the last production day for C-Bodies?

    FWIW, I agree completely with what you're doing and how you're going about it. As more broadcast sheets turn up, even if it's not for cars towards the end of production, the question of differences between the MDH label and the broadcast sheet should become clearer. The BCP information may...
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    A unique Town and County setup

    They are. They're likely 2500-3000 pounds front and back together. These were used as railroad executive transports, crew transport and rail inspection cars. So vehicles like a T&C were probably a good choice for this work, because you could spec one out to be as capable as a 3/4 ton truck.