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  1. Yeahrightgreer

    gas cap vented or not, 76 NYB

    Should nonvented because the gas tank is already being vented with various lines in the front of it
  2. Yeahrightgreer

    For Sale 72-73 New Yorker Trailer Hitch

    I imagine it would work on other years? Unless the 72-73 grille has a difference in mounting points. Nice piece otherwise. If it was a frame hitch I’d buy it :thumbsup:
  3. Yeahrightgreer

    Want to convert 4 door hardtop to power windows

    You will need at minimum - 4 door specific regulators. - power window switches - power window motors. (IIRC) they are the same for Chrysler, Plymouth, dodge - the associated wiring harness and relays I’d wait till someone is parting a 4 door fuselage Dodge and ask for the entire set up. A set...
  4. Yeahrightgreer

    65 fury fuel tank leak

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong but ‘65 Tanks are not vented. Just through the gas cap. If you’re sure it’s not the sending unit I’d say it’d be best to drop the tank and get eyes on. May have a pin hole from rubbing on the underside or from corrosion.
  5. Yeahrightgreer

    NOT MINE 1973 Dodge Polara Sedan - $3,000 - Concord, North Carolina

    Yes this car was posted maybe 2 years ago in North Carolina. I remember seeing it on Craigslist or Facebook or somewhere. There might even be a thread on it.
  6. Yeahrightgreer

    Did factory offer auto trunk release 1962 Imperial--I have a 63 unit

    Even tho it may not have been offered, the 61-63 cars are nearly identical except for small trim pieces? I don’t see why you couldn’t simply install all the pieces and they’d probably fit fine
  7. Yeahrightgreer

    NOT MINE 1967 Dodge Polara $2,500

    Cool. Would love a 67-68 Polara/Monaco. Patiently waiting @GJS to someday list one of his cars for sale so I can swoop in :rofl:
  8. Yeahrightgreer

    Decorating for a Christmas parade

    Beautiful ‘61 and nice garage. Looks deep enough to fit 4 classics easy if need be.
  9. Yeahrightgreer

    Meet Buttercup, a 1972 New Yorker Brougham 2-door Hardtop

    Very sharp hardtop. The painted roof works very good. Almost tricks me into thinking it’s not a 4 door.
  10. Yeahrightgreer

    1968 Chrysler New Yorker purchase

    She’ll be sure to turn heads around town!
  11. Yeahrightgreer

    BIGBARNEYCARS, Our dear friend "Jer" passed away Saturday... 2nd announcement

    Upset I never got to see the Batwagon in person… He loved that thing
  12. Yeahrightgreer

    BIGBARNEYCARS, Our dear friend "Jer" passed away Saturday... 2nd announcement

    Wow this is my first time hearing of this news. Had been away from the forums for the last few months so it slipped by me. Its so sad to hear of Jer’s passing. He was actually the second member from this forum that I met in person. Met him in a buffalo wild wings and had a double date with my...
  13. Yeahrightgreer

    NOT MINE 1970 Chrysler Imperial $11,900

    Love me a ‘70 Imperial. And the color combo is sharp. But a lot of money for a car with rust poking through all along the rockers, and lower quarter panels in my opinion. Alongside the new vinyl roof and whatever work needs to be done underneath.
  14. Yeahrightgreer

    Help looking at a car in Vermont?

    Thank you all. The vehicle allegedly came from Montana a few years ago. Not a rust belt car but still not the driest state to choose from. Obviously once the paint comes off I think there will be small areas to need to check, especially maybe behind fenders etc. I’ll have to pay attention to...
  15. Yeahrightgreer

    Help looking at a car in Vermont?

    So just an update if any of y’all are interested. The member from the B Body forums looked at her. She’s was in much better shape then I expected. Motor runs but needs a carb rebuild. There is a 5” x 5” spot on the passenger door I’d have to repair. The car needs to be stripped and reassessed as...
  16. Yeahrightgreer

    NOT MINE 1970 Chrysler 300 5200 $, Somonauk, IL

    Always nice to see a 4 Door 300. Nice color too
  17. Yeahrightgreer

    NOT MINE 1972 NYB 2dr in Michigan (HT8 Chestnut Brown)

    Made and offer to seller. Reflected it. Says he saw a 72 Moonroof go for $19,500 last year and this blue Newport on 22” rims for $14,000. I Told him they won’t get their asking price… Says he’d rather part the car out and get $3,000 then sell it for $2,000. With new carpet, headliner, roof...
  18. Yeahrightgreer

    NOT MINE 1972 Chrysler New Yorker 4dr Hardtop - $5,750 - North Haven, Connecticut

    Electronic rust control device??? Either way i love it! About 20 minutes from back home