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  1. livininharrow

    Need help ID-ing brake drums

    @mobileparts . give Craig a call. he's a member here.
  2. livininharrow

    NOT MINE 1966 Plymouth fury 111 $10,000

    wouldnt a cop car be equipped with power front disc brakes and a big block?
  3. livininharrow

    Gauges changed out. Now I can see them well day and night.

    yes and at least the original dash wasnt destroyed.
  4. livininharrow

    NOT MINE 1951 Dodge Wayfarer 2dr Sedan - $18,500 - Stockton, California

    i love it too only thing i would add would be lake pipes.
  5. livininharrow

    Might be a doozy.

    why dont you air bag it. drive at normal ride height for safety reasons then fuck with the bags to get your jollies.
  6. livininharrow

    69 polara 500 buildsheet

    is that a 60 dodge pickup or a panel i see?
  7. livininharrow

    1966 Dodge Monaco Wagon

    sweet rare 440 wagon. ill be watching the progress. good luck
  8. livininharrow

    SOLD Rebuilt Hemi Heads

    those are nice heads and Dave is correct. i have a 241 dodge hemi which i was hoping to rebuild one day. same part number.
  9. livininharrow

    We can't ignore the coronavirus.....

    holy shit Craig. this thread you started march of last year is the gift that just keeps on giving and giving. cheers
  10. livininharrow

    1960 Dodge Dart--Latest Photos

    a mopar landyaught with a buzzin half dozen under the hood. i love it
  11. livininharrow

    225 to 318 or 440 swaps

    just a thought. you can make real nice power with a built up turbo slant and they look cool when done right.
  12. livininharrow

    68 Newport, doing a vinyl wrap. My progress

    that wagon was for sale on ebay a few years back. i believe the owner was a painter. there was mention of how many hours went into the paint but my memory is not getting any better.
  13. livininharrow

    First time she let me down

    looking at those pics i would say you have it backwards. your heading should say the first time i let her down [ as in lack of maintenance ]. glad it all worked out.
  14. livininharrow

    Underhood heat

    once you get your overheating issues figured out i would concentrate on aligning your belt pulleys a little better for prolonged belt life.
  15. livininharrow

    Underhood heat

    190 up to 200 is nothing to worry about. i run 190 stats in all my mopars. maybe your rad cap is not allowing the system to pressurize. i have seen my temp guage as high as 220 in traffic with no puking. i would put a new rad cap on first if you already havent tried that. cheers
  16. livininharrow

    Rear axle

    drive it till you break it. only way to find out
  17. livininharrow

    Broken bolt

    good luck brother. cheers
  18. livininharrow

    Broken bolt

    time to pull the intake and replace it with a new one. by the time you are done damaging the surface your stat housing is not likely to mate properly and you will have a coolant leak from the stat housing where it meets the manifold. a new aluminum intake is likely around 200 bucks.
  19. livininharrow

    Welcome Grooveynini to FCBO!

    kind of an odd way to introduce yourself. I like eating pussy too. welcome