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  1. Detroit_Lives

    Need a Drum Brake Expert

    This is just a guess but something doesn't look right with the lower spring. Isn't it supposed to hook on the peg that sticks out from the shoe just above the adjuster tip on the RHS..?
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    General Spring

    ya I see what you mean, I read somewhere, maybe here? about front and rear height. Interesting about the saggy leafs being normal I wouldn't of thought that.
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    Wheel Bearings?

    Things are not as they seem..whats up with this? I was searching for Timken bearings online and stumbled on this website: scroll all the way down and tell me what you think,,, they will etch any name or logo.. huh counterfeit or outsourced ? China SKF Timken Double Rows Taper Roller Bearing...
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    Comment by 'Detroit_Lives' in item 'Tinted Windows'

    beautiful beautiful car, good decision on the tint level it looks great.
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    Comment by 'Detroit_Lives' in item '1965 300l'

    beautiful , more pics please
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    General Spring

    like everything else; google it. I found this info for my 65 Polara at in their research library, I was wrong about the distance to the bumper tho, it says height 57.2 inches. They don't list the spec for 65 Newport that I could see.
  7. Detroit_Lives

    General Spring

    leaf springs do sag over time, the way to check is to measure distance from the ground to the bottom of the bumper at the front and rear. There's a factory height spec so you can compare yours to spec and know how bad the sag is. on the other hand some people like em low...
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    Odd oil pressure problem

    just a guess, does that oil pump have a pressure relief? maybe it popped off the first pressure spike and then failed to reseat itself and thus it is relieving your pressure.
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    aka "reverse curl"
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    interesting thread, nothing wrong with burning rubber on asphalt :thumbsup: elections... they used to be a childish contest of mudslinging and dirt throwing about differing political agendas. Now the dumases have made it a fight to the death. right wing / left wing , its the same bird...
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    Hello ALL!

    That's gonna clean up real nice. sorry about your wife's uncle, definately a cool guy.
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    What are you working on today??

    Changed out my lefty studs on the front hubs last weekend, new RH threads.
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    Hood scoop.....

    I had an idea for you, black out the entire grill chrome and all and the bumper too, except the body color panel above the bumper...
  14. Detroit_Lives

    RH wheel studs with .614 knurl

    I installed the Dorman RH studs, they have longer shoulders than the original studs but with the drums on they don't come thru so its all good.
  15. Detroit_Lives

    65 polara

    show us some pics of your polara if you can
  16. Detroit_Lives

    wheel cylinder worth re-conditioning

    I'm going thru the brake system and when replacing the wheel cylinders I started thinking maybe I'd re-condition the original parts... until I popped the boot off. So I don't think these are good for anything are they? I bought new Napa (china) instead. In general is it a good idea to...
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    RH wheel studs with .614 knurl

    ok so I had googled a bit and came up with zip, kept looking and found it . So for anyone else I'll go ahead and post the info below. The problem is when I do the vehicle search on these parts sites it won't find this one. I was looking at Summit Rcing and they let you browse thru all the dorman...
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    1967 polara 500 value

    I would not be surprised to see that listed for 15k
  19. Detroit_Lives

    RH wheel studs with .614 knurl

    65 Polara power drums, 11" drums. several years ago I bought a set of wheel studs for the left side, Raybestos 615B & 616B front and rear, new old stuff from ebay So then I pressed out the front studs and thennn found out they are different sizes, mine have .614 knurl maybe .615 new. The ebay...