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  1. 66Monacovert

    Marry Christmas....

    Merry Christmas Everyone
  2. 66Monacovert

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    A few pictures of the Monaco
  3. 66Monacovert

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    Beautiful weather here on Long Island, he had her out all weekend cruising
  4. 66Monacovert

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    Some more of the drop top....
  5. 66Monacovert

    WTB 1965 300 4 Speed Hardtop

    Here’s a real beauty!!!
  6. 66Monacovert

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    Summer cruising on the Island of Long...
  7. 66Monacovert

    The 1965 Polara/Monaco/880 thread!!

    Here's a club members car a recently restored one with 17" cragar....nicely done
  8. 66Monacovert

    Cool finds in 2017

    Here is my 2017 Carlisle scores... dual snorkel air cleaner for $60.00 and tail lights for my 63 fury station wagon project $30.00 for the pair. Was a very happy camper that weekend.. cheers. John .. Happy New Year everyone!!!!!
  9. 66Monacovert

    Driveway views

    Looking out my bedroom window in the driveway..
  10. 66Monacovert

    How about some CARS

    Okay here's my fleet...
  11. 66Monacovert

    So Long Hef

    She was. But don't you remember in the late 60's and early 70's all the hot girls we're putting that "sun in " in their hair because everyone was saying blondes have more fun ...
  12. 66Monacovert

    So Long Hef

    That's Barbie Benton...
  13. 66Monacovert

    Names & Locations

    66Monacovert- John - Long Island, N.Y.
  14. 66Monacovert

    2017 Carlisle Chrysler Nationals July 14-16

    I'm #20 , John -66monacovert . It was great putting faces to the names on this forum. I only chatted for a little while as I was on a parts quest,and I did make some great purchases.. a duel snorkel air cleaner for the Monaco, the one on there is the wrong year ,and I stole it for $50.00 and two...
  15. 66Monacovert


    Will, my deepest condolences to you and your family.. I'll be keeping you in my prayers. I'm So glad that I got to meet you both at Carlisle the past couple of years. You truly complemented each other. The one thing I'll always remember about Ellie was that she was always smiling and you truly...
  16. 66Monacovert

    Post your ride

    Here's my 66 monaco drop top