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  1. jcslocum

    727 Transmission Rebuild

    I was upgrading my 1965 727 from the small input shaft to the later design when I did the rebuild. I needed this in order to get a newer design torque converter because you really can't but the old ones anymore and I wanted to up the stall speed a bit. I searched for a low mileage motor home 727...
  2. jcslocum

    727 Transmission Rebuild

    Here is what I bought for my rebuild. My mailbox is empty now. Didn’t have any idea it was full!
  3. jcslocum

    727 Transmission Rebuild

    I rebuilt my 727 last winter. I will have to dig thru some paperwork to find who I bought from. Im very satisfied with the parts and price. Update I purchased from Norcal Trasmission. They had everything I wanted. I can send you a list of parts if you want.
  4. jcslocum

    It’s Alive!!

    That's excellent news!! Congrats and enjoy.
  5. jcslocum

    Smoke issues

    Not running often can make these issues hard to diagnose. I think it's seals on the valve stem myself but who knows!! It could be smoking on accel, tho you can't see it with all of the air blowing around the car. You can have someone follow you to look at the pipes as you accelerate to see what...
  6. jcslocum

    Cone type Sure Grip

    I have other plans for the car including a power upgrade. So some extra burnout may be in store. I decided to order some shims to to have the option if needed.
  7. jcslocum

    Cone type Sure Grip

    Thanks to all of you for the comments!! Seems like putting it back together as is the best route. I do wonder what the original clearance was. Thanks again, jon
  8. jcslocum

    Cone type Sure Grip

    I have a cone type Sure Grip (3.23 ratio) apart to look it over before installing into my '66 Fury III. All parts look good and the cones have not bottomed out in the case. I measured the clearance (with hard wax) between cone face and bottom of the case and have right about 0.040" thousandths...
  9. jcslocum

    slipping trans

    Doug, regarding the electric fan, are you having cooling issues? If so there are a few things to check. Take a look and make sure you have a fan shroud. If not get one or make one. If you have a clutched fan? Make sure the clutch is freewheeling when cold and the locking up when the temps...
  10. jcslocum

    Oil Filter Blues. Saving a buck could've cost me! Any thoughts?

    If you have Motor Trend, check out this episode of Engine Masters: "Engine Masters" Oil Filter Shootout (TV Episode 2021) - IMDb The found the K&N white filter to be much better than anything else.
  11. jcslocum

    Something new for the shop

    Sweet find!!!
  12. jcslocum

    383 Aluminum Heads and Intake

    Just a data point; I have used the ProMaxx heads on 2-350 chevys and they are very nicely made, with good parts. They needed very little work on the ports to match them up with the intake.
  13. jcslocum

    slipping trans

    Checking the fluid is number 1. Hot at idle in neutral. If the level is good, then change the fluid and filter, adjust the bands. This "might" help. The cold to hot issue could just be wear in the trans that once warm it seals better. You're probably looking at a rebuild to fully cure the issue.
  14. jcslocum

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    I feel and know your pain. I was broke like you at 17 and had to sell my 1969 Z28 for rent and food money. Desperate times....
  15. jcslocum

    My 1970 Dodge Polara 9 passenger.

    That looks great!! It looks like you blasted the inside, how hard was that to do??
  16. jcslocum

    Cone Style Sure Grip

    Thanks for that info. I was thinking that the cone style would take a different type that a clutch type posi.
  17. jcslocum

    Cone Style Sure Grip

    I have one to put in my Fury this spring. What kind of friction modifier is needed?
  18. jcslocum

    Sure Grip Project

    Excellent work!! More pics of the machined parts if you have them?
  19. jcslocum

    New Lift! Gear oil?

    As Big John says; check for leaks. I would vacuum it out and replace with the right oil. That could be 40 year old oil in there and fresh new oil mat save you from problems. It's the right thing to do!! And a great use of you new lift. Congrats on that. I have a 2 post and it's the best...
  20. jcslocum

    For Sale A&A 3rd to 2nd Kickdown Module for 727 - $80

    I have this brand new never installed from my 727 rebuild. I ended up buying a later trans from a motor home for parts and the later valve body has this built in. This is for the earlier 727, 1966 thru 1969 and is a nice upgrade. It's an easy install the involves removing the valve body...