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  1. D Cluley

    Phantom C bodies

    In '65 you could only get a convertible as a Newport or 300, so obviously a New Yorker convertible would need to be fancier. So why not a retractable hardtop, while I'm dreaming, why not top Lincoln and make it a 4 door retractable hardtop? I'm sure the engineering and cost would be...
  2. D Cluley

    67 Monaco Dash lights

    If you don't have the Factory Service Manual, it can be downloaded here Service Manuals – MyMopar Looks like the power for the dash lights comes from the headlight switch, through the separate dimmer (I think its a thumbwheel on your car?) to the fusebox (it should be the fuse on the end, I'm...
  3. D Cluley

    WANTED 1965 Chrysler Newport 2 dr HT

    1965 Newport & 300 door panels should interchange no problem. The trim and emblems are a little different on the 300, but it will fit fine. The New Yorker had a different style of inside door handle, so those panels are different. Everything 1966-up is also different.
  4. D Cluley

    Dash LEDs '65 and 66? How difficult?

    If you have skinny hands, or can enlist a helper with skinny hands, I believe those bulbs can be swapped without pulling the instrument cluster (which is every bit as much fun as the description above makes it sound ) If I remember correctly, the whole cluster is lit with only 5 bulbs, 3 across...
  5. D Cluley

    Emergency Flasher question

    Ok, that does make the path harder to figure out, but I still suspect a missing ground is allowing power to backfeed into the other circuit somehow. Just to clarify, are your exterior park/turn signal & tail/brake/turn bulbs LEDs? If so, it sounds like you should check to see if the hazard...
  6. D Cluley

    Emergency Flasher question

    I'm not sure exactly what you've got happening here, but I'm betting there is a missing ground somewhere. The 1157 type bulbs in the front parking/turn lights & the rear tail/stop/turn lights have hot feeds from 2 different circuits that share a ground. With a missing ground, that can back...
  7. D Cluley

    1968 300 conv; searching a top well liner...

    67/68 CHRYSLER 300 & NEWPORT CONV. WELL LINER -BLACK | Legendary Auto Interiors
  8. D Cluley

    Hey! Formal NYB is Marvel superheroes' ride!

    There's a side shot as well of the car with the cameras, looks like it's brown with mismatched side trim, while the nice car looks black
  9. D Cluley

    1965 Engine Mounts

    Thanks for mentioning them Mike. I did run across that page when I was looking, but they were/are out of stock, so I moved on & forgot to put them in the post. Hopefully they will put the C body mounts back into production in the future.
  10. D Cluley

    1965 Engine Mounts

    Azblackhemi had what I needed, so am all set, but thanks for the offer. Mostly I just wanted to get all the information together in one place, so the next person searching has an easier time.
  11. D Cluley

    fuel pump acrobatics

    I'm going to guess that q1& q3 are connected. The rod inside the block has to be pushed up against the cam so that there is a gap between the rod end and the block where the arm on the pump goes. If the rod is dropped down against the block it won't move when cranking & the pump won't line up...
  12. D Cluley

    Tachometer/Dwell Meter?

    I've had an Actron CP7605 Dwell/Tachometer/Voltmeter Analyzer for 20 years or so, and I think it has hit the floor once too often and isn't working any more. It doesn't look like that model is available anymore, and I'm not seeing anything similar for sale. I just need something to hook to the...
  13. D Cluley

    How close is tailpipe supposed to be to frame rail

    Thanks guys. I got a complete setup from Waldron's and it seems to fit quite well. Problem is my car has a trailer hitch, and it is pretty much exactly where the pipe is supposed to run. I'm thinking tweaking it down and over (under the frame rail) is going to be easier than up and through...
  14. D Cluley

    How close is tailpipe supposed to be to frame rail

    No, the Dart lasted till the spring of 2014. It just got too rusty & needed significant engine work so got parted out that summer. After 7 years I figured out I don't have the time/energy/budget to keep more than one old car together. The current daily is a Buick from Alabama. 18 years old &...
  15. D Cluley

    How close is tailpipe supposed to be to frame rail

    I'm replacing the single exhaust on my '65 Chrysler, and am not sure 100% about the placement of the tailpipe. I believe it is supposed to run inboard of the frame rail but not sure how close horizontally or vertically to the rail. Anyone have dimensions or photos of a stock setup in that...
  16. D Cluley

    For Sale 65 New Yorker Parts

    Sounds great, PM sent
  17. D Cluley

    For Sale 65 New Yorker Parts

    Thanks, how much for the motor mount?
  18. D Cluley

    1965 Engine Mounts

    After digging into this a little more, I believe this is the correct information (and most of the usual online retailers have incorrect listings) The passenger side mount 1965 Mopar # 2402 182 Aftermarket # 2227 This was used on C-bodies only in '65 This was also used on the B-Bodies for a...
  19. D Cluley

    For Sale 65 New Yorker Parts

    Does the drivers side motor mount look decent? How about the transmission mount?
  20. D Cluley

    1965 Engine Mounts

    This is part warning, part rant & part question. Looking at the usual online parts sources there seems to be total confusion between right & left, and I believe that most listings have it backwards. Which is why I have an immobile car sitting in my driveway at the moment. :BangHead: After...