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  1. Boydsdodge

    Underhood heat

    Little late here. But are you running vacuum advance? if so check that it is not leaking. If your not running vacuum advance you really should be on a street car, it will help with the fuel consumption on high way runs.
  2. Boydsdodge

    Help with wood grain replacement 73 T&C

    I used MacTac wood grain on one of my wagons in the past, booked the rolls so the grain lined up in a continuous run. It looked great and as far as I know still going strong 15 years later. So cheap. It was my first time so I figured it was good practice. Turned out great. You can get all types...
  3. Boydsdodge

    VIDEO-77 NYB on the Dyno

    Fun day? Rear wheel numbers. Did you do a tune?
  4. Boydsdodge

    Orange plug wires.

    I did some looking last night, then remembered the Master tech series from Chrysler. In this video the tech clearly asks about the new for 72 orange plug wires. The question is at the 17:30 point of video. Also interesting was the colour coded ECU, thats a new one.
  5. Boydsdodge

    Hazard/Turn Signal Issues

    Just grab the Rockauto, the restoration shops will send same switch if it isn't an old stock part. I just went through this with a clients Cuda, we wanted the original style with brass wheel. He ordered three different ones, all came like the Rockauto. I am surprised that Rock has one for a tilt...
  6. Boydsdodge

    Smallblock headers

  7. Boydsdodge

    NOT MINE 1973 Dodge Polara - 47k Original Miles - Mopar - $8,700 (San Bernardino)

    I loved driving those cars. Had a few old cop cars from a 70 through to 78 Dodge/Plymouth cars. brings back memories. Boo Hoo.
  8. Boydsdodge

    Kevin Hart......Mopar Guy

    Looks great, one of the better big wheel jobs. I usually don't like the builds like what Kendig did to the 67 Coronet RT. But this looks really nice. Good for Kevin, hope he doesn't go broke buying all these wild cars.
  9. Boydsdodge

    Graveyard or ER

    Any photos of your car? Specs on its build? I will be heading to Elmira maybe next week. Maybe I can give you another set of eyes, I have been building mopars for years. I have sent a few cars for scrap. Those were well used rotten parts cars picked over. It took years to learn what my...
  10. Boydsdodge

    Has anyone restored the red center cap to a Chrysler Cordoba aluminum wheel?

    They look great on your car. I will have to some investigation into the Lincoln 5x5 wheels and the Chrysler centre cap attachment. I think those wheels might look pretty good on my 73
  11. Boydsdodge

    Reproduction Tires

    My New Preferred Whitewalls for C Bodies I am waiting for my set of Nexen AH5 White walls.
  12. Boydsdodge

    Getting an Imperial Home

    Yes I bought The Black W White interior(Tux) and Brownie. Brownie cleaned up pretty nice, it has gone to a gentleman that wants to do a full restoration. Tux is a fantastic car, so clean and original, the must is almost completely gone after a few good cleanings. Some time in the sun this spring...
  13. Boydsdodge

    Has anyone restored the red center cap to a Chrysler Cordoba aluminum wheel?

    Thanks, got excited to soon. I need 5x5 bolt pattern. Maybe the Lincoln wheels with the Cordoba centres. I'll stop stealing the thread. Back to the Centre paint restore.
  14. Boydsdodge

    Has anyone restored the red center cap to a Chrysler Cordoba aluminum wheel?

    There is/was a Goof off for plastics.
  15. Boydsdodge

    Has anyone restored the red center cap to a Chrysler Cordoba aluminum wheel?

    What year Chrysler are those wheels from? They might look good on my Imperial.
  16. Boydsdodge

    Has anyone restored the red center cap to a Chrysler Cordoba aluminum wheel?

    After you get the paint off, lens polished. you would get the red in a semi transparent, then spray the red with a chrome paint. get the depth and shine. Wet sanding increasing to a polish for paint removal should work.
  17. Boydsdodge

    Orange plug wires.

    I did some looking around after posting, I found some examples of very low mile Imperials and Chryslers. Looks like,the electronic ignition cars were orange, points were black. That may reason that Lectric says that the points wires won't fit, or not for electronic ignition. Lectric looks to...
  18. Boydsdodge

    Orange plug wires.

    Lectric has wires for 72 Imperial 440, just the warning about electronic ignition.
  19. Boydsdodge

    Orange plug wires.

    If I was working to keep my 1973 Imperial factory stock looking. What colour were the spark plug ignition wires? I kind of remember seeing plenty of orange wires when I was young working at the dealer, but wonder were orange for parts counter replacement or assembly line? Maybe the Orange...
  20. Boydsdodge

    1973 Imperial Sentinel wiring under dash extension/jumper/ pig tail

    Yes that was my plan to use that connector. I knew it was used on the AC system, but did not know where. Thank you for that info. From what I have found on information it was used for a couple of decades on AC. Is that the dash controls?