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    440 rebuild suggestions

    see Post #19 in the link below, Note I did not deck the block, all 440 source stuff, It was cheaper than re-doing the stock heads, and rods to build a stroker. The car is totally street-able, does not overheat and is driven year around. It runs on pump gas. Anyone run an Edelbrock RPM Intake
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    400BB Heads Question

    Totally agree with you, i was trying to give him a reasonable option that would not be a complete waste of scratch and not suggest he find a 440 and start with that. If they are anywhere near .130 down in the hole that makes my recomendations completely worthless.
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    400BB Heads Question

    Dont forget, you can run higher compression and still get by with regular un-leaded gas with an aluminum head, although in your case you will not be anywhere near detonation. Since you didnt ask for my opinion, here it is. Buy the aftetmarket aluminum heads if you can find them instock...
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    400BB Heads Question

    The 440 source heads are an almost exact copy of the 906 heads right out of the box, you will have a hard time beating them on you 400 for the money, low compression or not. They are currently out of stock I just noticed. I would give them a call, they are easy to work with.
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    1968 with 318 5.2 adding HP

    75 shot of nitrous, nothing cheaper. you should be perfectly safe. Cost you a couple hundred bucks.
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    1966 sport fury upgrades

    The line appears to be real braided line which is actually very good. I would support it from the fenderwell to keep it from vibrating on the hardline that runs to the carb, or extend the flexible portion and eliminate the hard line all together but keep it away from the manifold. That line is...
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    first: if you are doing a burnout, let the car shift into 2nd before you let it catch traction, coming out of a burnout in 1st then allowing the car to hook can hurt a 727. second: throw the book out on the timing, put as much initial in it as it can take without pinging on what ever fuel you...
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    Who makes the BEST Mechanical Fuel Pumps for B/RB Mopar engines?

    My 66 newyorker 505/512 has the stock 5/16 line and a holley mechanical pump. I run 12.20@110 mph with that setup. I run this holley pump part#12-440-11. it is internally regulated at 6.5 psi and 110gpm. I put it on because the pump on my car was the original pump installed at the factory in...
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    AN hardline for fuel

    you can use the compression fittings to hardline, just make sure the outside of the tubing you are connecting to is smooth and burr/corrosion free. Make sure the flex line you are using is rated for your pressure and fuel type. Be careful there are JIC 45 fittings with a 45 degree conical...
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    Off topic long-shot question

    Made it, gota minute of wifi out of the bush
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    3.7 V6 Creamy Oil at rear of Valve Cover & Misfires with DTCs

    I am not familiar with every engine configuration, but generally overhead cam engines do not have lifters. Usually a blown head gasket, cracked head, or broken block gives you a mix of oil and water under pressure and temperature that results in the emulsion you see under your valve cover...
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    Off topic long-shot question

    No plans to go anywhere in johannesurg but the airport and the hotel for 1 night. We land in namibia then spend the rest of our time about 70 miles outside of town.
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    Cone type Sure Grip

    Lots of burnouts, i mean A LOT OF BURNOUTS. and a few donuts. But i run a detroit locker differential no cones or frictions to wear out ever. My donuts usually start at about 25 mph when the car snaps completely sideways and tries to kill me. We have a complicated relationship. DONT YOU...
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    Off topic long-shot question

    Me and 5 hunting buddies on a hunting safari. We will only be in johannesberg 1 night going to and returning thru there. The rest of the time we will be hunting in namibia
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    Off topic long-shot question

    Anyone one here been to south africa and/or namibia recently? I leave in a few weeks and the violence down there has me spooked. Lots of $$ tied up in the trip and the outfitter says it dosent warrant delaying for a year
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    What makes the best material for valve guides and why?

    "Of course, before I would invest too much in a set of old cast heads, I'd look into some of the new 00 pieces. You can run higher compression without necessarily higher octane fuel because of how the aluminum retains less heat etc. It might be cost effective. Yes, I know they are off shore...
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    What makes the best material for valve guides and why?

    These days debit card plastic makes the best valve guide material. However, back in the day bronze was considered the way to go.
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    Headman headers

    I don't believe you will realize any power or torque advantage with shorty or un-equal length headers. The TTI's, although expensive are your best bet, or just stick with the stock cast iron manifolds.
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    Anyone convert a TRW pump to a Saginaw or Federal pump?

    This is the correct answer. I did the same thing after rebuilding the stock pump a few times over the years and playing with the lame factory mounting bracket. One finger steering, easy to tighten belts, no leaks, and a complete lack of thrown tools.