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  1. tbm3fan

    Anybody have keepsakes from previous cars?

    Still have my first car so that means I have every piece still...
  2. tbm3fan

    NOT MINE 1968 Chrysler New Yorker $6,500

    What is that big red monstrosity in the front and that little chrome dish in the back... Aluminum radiator, aluminum fan, and billet fan spacer...Ugh! Don't get me started about those valve covers.
  3. tbm3fan

    NOT MINE 1968 new Yorker $2,000

    They couldn't freakin' clean out the car of junk. Useless...
  4. tbm3fan

    NOT MINE 1977 Dodge royal monaco Brougham $1,500

    Don't worry. At that price the odds are very strong a flipper gets to it first. Don't they always seem to and then it will be for sale again near $10K.
  5. tbm3fan

    Some more classic pictures

    Here are some of my personal pictures taken decades ago that I scanned off my Kodachromes.
  6. tbm3fan

    NOT MINE 1967 300 2dr on BaT

    I, myself, wouldn't apply the word "restored" to this car. What an owner does to the car around the periphery isn't really restoration.
  7. tbm3fan

    Some more classic pictures

    Has this been seen???
  8. tbm3fan

    I'm transitioning out of the Military

    I've known three people who were in the Navy for various lengths but then left and went into the Reserve. Actually make that two who went into the reserves. The one who didn't was my nephew who got out after six years in nuclear engineering. He left because the work load and training load was so...
  9. tbm3fan

    Painted top

    I have been using these stripping discs for decades to clean and prep the metal for work.
  10. tbm3fan

    Painted top

    My guy works just 4 miles up the road from his garage. Always in demand but you need to drop your car off like I did for a few days.
  11. tbm3fan

    Painted top

    When I did my Polara's vinyl roof I took it to my upholstery guy to do both the roof and new headliner. I presented him with a roof that had the requisite body work down along with two coats of epoxy primer and two coats of color. I left it up to him to get both materials matching the up the...
  12. tbm3fan

    The Buy American Thread

    What Tools Are Made in the USA?
  13. tbm3fan

    Friday tunes..

    The Bee Gees are known for marching music??? Who knew.
  14. tbm3fan

    The Buy American Thread

    Always buy my jeans from there for the last 12 years. Most times I don't really need new stuff as I find older used items can work just as well and are more likely made in the US. Recently I needed another 4 1/2 angle grinder, a 1/2" heavy duty variable speed drill and a 3/8" variable speed...
  15. tbm3fan

    Lt. W.B. "Willie" Sharp

    I mentioned him in another thread but lo and behold he showed up yesterday. Way up in the Island I heard the lift running and looked over the side to see Willie walking off the lift using his walker. Didn't get over to say Hi till noon during my lunch as I was busy with other tasks. Willie was...
  16. tbm3fan

    Thread for Craigslist morons

    Strange seller. All his decals are 999.99 while car parts are not and far more reasonable. So I don't know what's up with that.
  17. tbm3fan

    Has Everyone Forgotten?

    In this one there are three vets and I know the first and third well enough that I know what their stories are that they don't share with others unless in a similar situation. Willie was shot down while flying an F-8 Crusader in 67. The details of how he escaped are what some of his flashbacks...
  18. tbm3fan

    Has Everyone Forgotten?

    He does but he came of Navy age right at the end of the war. Actually there are a fair number with stories from Korea to Vietnam on board the ship as docents. I've been around far, far longer than them and apparently they have felt comfortable enough to tell me about them. Allan, below, flew...
  19. tbm3fan

    Has Everyone Forgotten?

    Off course not. When you are restoring a WWII aircraft carrier no one on board tends to forget that and besides we have a 93 year old Chief to refresh those who might which is never.