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  1. bronze turbine

    1973 Dodge Monaco, Starting, Insufficient Voltage to ECU

    I installed an aftermarket electronic ignition on my '68 Chrysler and it would not start while cranking, but would start (or try to) when you released the key from the start position and moved it to the run position. It pretty much did just what you are experiencing. In my experience this is...
  2. bronze turbine

    70's gas station - hot "fast" food sandwiches!!??

    We used to have a small airport in our town and that is the first (and I think only) place I had the Stewart sandwiches that you heated in the chrome oven. I remember really liking them. This was probably around the late '70s.
  3. bronze turbine

    Upgrading 1964 Imperial wiper blades

    If you have the original wiper blades made of stainless steel don't replace them with new blades, try to find the correct inserts. There is NOS out there. In my experience, they even work better than the new replacements. It might take some detective work. I mistakenly got some that were not...
  4. bronze turbine

    1968 Chrysler 300 power brake problem

    Every once in a while when you press the brake pedal, it feels like there's no power assist, like the engine isn't running. You can still stop the car but have to push a lot harder. Doesn't do it every time. What can cause this? Thanks.
  5. bronze turbine

    A Few Fuel Pump Questions Before Installation

    I'm sure others here know a lot more about this than I do, but in my experience, you need to replace the push rod that actuates the pump, you need to lube both ends of the push rod with grease or assembly lube, and you should try to prime the pump from a plastic bottle or something before...
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    1968 Training film

    It ought to be nice, I think it consists of about 12 separate pieces!
  7. bronze turbine

    1968 Training film

    All together we have these two 300s, two Newports, and a New Yorker.
  8. bronze turbine

    1968 Training film

    Only 2 of them are driveable at the moment and pics have already been posted here. One is the gold 300 with the 4-speed and the other is the bronze 300 convertible. There is a Newport parts car, our original New Yorker which was my dad's which is in a sad state at the moment, and the Newport...
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    1968 Training film

    I watched this on YouTube a while ago. It was pretty entertaining. We have 5 1968 Chryslers.
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    Almost fits

    There was a similar picture in our local newspaper about 30 years ago, except it was a '67 Newport that almost fit!
  11. bronze turbine

    Running too hot, or not?

    Though it could be blocked, intentionally or otherwise.
  12. bronze turbine

    bench seat cover

    Can anyone recommend a good quality front seat cover for a 1968 Chrysler with bench seats? I currently have a blanket laying on the seat, but it's not ideal because it keeps sliding around. Having the seats re-upholstered is the long term plan, but I need something to put on for the near term...
  13. bronze turbine

    1967 Chrysler Newport 383

    They gave you the right filter, but you can use the short one also. There's basically no difference except the amount of filter media inside. They're interchangeable but I would use the longer one if it fit.
  14. bronze turbine

    To stagger or not to stagger? That is the question.

    You didn't mention what type of car it is, but assuming it's a C-body, OEM tire diameter was a little over 28" I think. In my estimation 235/70's would be close to stock.
  15. bronze turbine

    Can't find a Speedo cable to fit

    I agree, you're trying to connect it to the wrong place.
  16. bronze turbine

    White interior question

    Well, I can only speak for myself, but our '68 300 with the pearl white interior has a black dash and black carpeting. I think the dash and carpet only matched the interior if it was anything OTHER than white or pearl white.
  17. bronze turbine

    Door locks not working

    Forgive me if this too obvious, but if the knobs are screwed down too far the locks won't actuate.
  18. bronze turbine

    Some people should not work on cars

    I had some work done on my '68 300 a month or so ago and they forgot to put the fan belt on. :(
  19. bronze turbine

    1968 New Yorker wont turn over

    Aside from my story, other things to check of course are the starter relay, all connections including the bulkhead connector, transmission safety switch, and starter.
  20. bronze turbine

    1968 New Yorker wont turn over

    Let me tell you a story about the OLD days! When my dad first got his '68 New Yorker, which was around 1971, it would occasionally have the problem of which you speak. Not all the time, but every once in a while, turn the key and nothing. For some unknown reason, my dad's preferred place to...