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  1. SuperDave

    Let's see your tips

    Side pipes for me, 4" balcony cut tips mounted the same angle as the cuts so they exit flush to the body. They sound nice too!
  2. SuperDave

    Exhaust tips

    Get out your wallet. Nothing boring about these, and they spin.
  3. SuperDave

    Poll-77 New Yorker Exhaust Decision

    Is this your video? Personally I would avoid (& strongly disuade) using header thermal wraps. They trap moisture and lead to rust. Everyone I know who has had them has ended up replacing the headers within a year because they cause rust. Thermal ceramic coating is the only way to go, other than...
  4. SuperDave

    Poll-77 New Yorker Exhaust Decision

    For what it's worth, I did put shorty headers, glass packs and side tips on my 73 Newport, (along with a host of other mods for a muscle car makeover, purists be damned). Word to the wise, if/when driving down gravel roads, , your gonna hear "ting ting ting" as the front wheels spit back small...