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  1. SuperDave

    Interchangeable window parts

    Okay, I'm about to bite the bullet big time, interior overhaul: sound system (90% purchased, need grommets & wires), aftermarket gauges (purchased), carpet & dead-liner insulation (purchased), seat covers & extra material for door skins ($900 saved back, another $100 for taxes & shipping). I'm...
  2. SuperDave

    Hood release cable needed

    Not sure if this is a restoration thread item or interior thread. (Moderators feel free to relocate this thread to the appropriate sub-forum) I have a 73 Newport. Hood release cable works (for now) but it requires a firm pull of 3 inches to get the hood open. When it does release, the "shaft" of...
  3. SuperDave

    Idiot lights

    This may seem like a dumb question, but has ANYONE wired up (or known of) an alternator idiot light for a 73 C-body before? I'm ripping out the dash assembly and installing a complete aftermarket gauge set to go along with my Musclecar Makeover. 6 gauge setup with a 200 MPH GPS speedo (w/turn...
  4. SuperDave

    ACGlobal heater cores?

    Got my "stimulus" check, time to throw some of it at the Turd. ACGlobal (a.k.a. ccsautoparts on eBay) has offered me $10 off for a heater core I've been watching to fit my 73 Newport. Before I click Add To Cart, I wanted to check back here to confirm the fit. It seems that sometime ago, someone...
  5. SuperDave

    Fendertop signal lights

    My driver's side light is raised up maybe a quarter inch or so. It won't stay down. Is there a clip I'm missing? If so, where do I find one? Is there an alternative to securing my fendertop blinker light indicator besides glue, epoxy or silicone?
  6. SuperDave

    Big block power steering

    Okay, so I'm rebuilding my 400. Got it painted and partially assembled. Just got the brackets and assorted small parts back from the powder coaters today. Even got a seal kit for the power steering pump. But like a dumbass, I forgot to take pics of the motor before it came apart. I'm at...