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  1. slappo

    interior light and dash lights.

    1966 fury sport: little stumped, I have no dash lights and no interior lights that work. All exterior lights work. Checked the fuse and that isn't it. Any suggestions?
  2. slappo

    decode a certicard

    thanks for the info because I was losing my mind because my motor didn't look like a 361. Was trying to figure out what I had
  3. slappo

    Coolant Overflow Bottle

    This is what i just did
  4. slappo

    decode a certicard

    Thank you very much for the information!!!!
  5. slappo

    decode a certicard

    So couple weeks ago I picked up a 1966 Fury, 2 door. While I was looking against the core support I found the "Certicard". I think I decoded the VIN using "Plymouth service manual 1966" : P-Plymouth / P-Premium / 23-DR. Hardtop / E-361 engine / 6-1966 / 2 Assembly plant Hamtramck. Any idea...