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  1. 58Belvedere

    1957-59 maybe later

    If your horn contact switch is shot, missing or corroded; Get a new one for a 1957-66 Studebaker, not Hawk, on Ebay: 1957-66 Studebaker MOPAR Horn Switch Plate 1541949 DODGE DESOTO CHRY PLY | eBay
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    1957 Plymouth Belvedere 301 V-8 motor mount pictures

    You can pause this too.
  3. 58Belvedere

    1957 Plymouth Belvedere 301 V-8 motor mount pictures

    They go on the block and engine frame horns a certain way. Otherwise the transmission mount won't fit and the engine is too close to the steering box. Fury 318:
  4. 58Belvedere

    58 Savoy.

    Parts kit:
  5. 58Belvedere

    1961 wagon- prayers for front disc conversion

    Fury Jim has an album for FJM discs: Facebook
  6. 58Belvedere

    Valley pan

    Best way to block off exhaust crossover on a 440? This may help.
  7. 58Belvedere

    1959 Plymouth Belvedere Rescue

    Copperstate classics has windshields, Dave Jay and bobs has them too: 1957 1958 1959 PLYMOUTH 2 OR 4 SEDAN SUBURBAN WINDSHIELD NEW CLASSIC GLASS, Bob's Classic Auto Glass-New Auto Glass Windows Windshields Rubber Seals for cars and trucks from 1920 to today. Some B body axles fit also there are...
  8. 58Belvedere

    1959 Plymouth Belvedere Rescue

    Try Big M for parts, and Wildcat wrecking too. Firm Feel will make or have torsion bars for the 59. Just tell the how stiff/ engine weight you want. 1.06'' seems standard for big engined Furys. There are anti roll bars out there also. Pst has Solid Poly bushings and I think Graphite...
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    Disc Brake Conversion

    FJM Spindles: Ever see Fury Jims Album on them? Facebook You will have to shorten the Tie Rod adjustment sleeves 1/2'' or so. Use Solid High stength sleeves from Addco or PST. Mod of strut bar also.
  10. 58Belvedere

    1960 color option

    1960 Color Codes - Plymouth Paint Cross-Reference
  11. 58Belvedere

    NOT MINE 68 440 $3750

    1968 Chrysler Newport Classic Car - cars & trucks - by owner -...1968 Chrysler Newport Classic Car - cars & trucks - by owner -...
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    Replacing Ball-joint on 58 Ply.

    Rare Parts Upper Control Arm Bushings 1957-1958 Dodge Chrysler Plymouth Desoto 699288151209 | eBay More Information for MOOG K772
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    Replacing Ball-joint on 58 Ply.

    Sunex 10213 Sunex Tools Ball Joint Sockets | Summit Racing
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    1958 Plymouth savoy police car I found today

    That is silver/spring special also. The tarted up savoy that came out in March or so 1958. It would have been a base color with a silver roof, special lower trim and that Forward Look emblem on the fins from the 1956 Plymouth. Marc.
  15. 58Belvedere

    Fix your Plymouth Alternator

    It's not in this one...
  16. 58Belvedere

    1961 power brake master cylinder.

    Looks like one for power and another for manual: 1961 PLYMOUTH FURY 5.9L 361cid V8 Master Cylinder | RockAuto
  17. 58Belvedere

    Bad Chad 56 Savoy

    He is going to make it nice and paint it. A one month restoration I believe.
  18. 58Belvedere

    11/32 in what world...

    Our aircraft has several 11/32'' nuts mainly on electrical items. Hawkers have 100's on the damn fuel tank in back. Use 6 point sockets, 9mm when fudging on weak nuts.
  19. 58Belvedere

    Went for a cruise today, '57 Dodge Royal & '57 Dodge Mayfair

    Nice cars! I must admit, I was taken aback seeing the tunnel ram equipped 440?!