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  1. detmatt

    Broken trailer hitch

    Wow that could’ve been very bad! You must’ve had the guardian angel of scrap looking out for you.
  2. detmatt

    New Aquisition

    Very nice, congrats! :thumbsup:
  3. detmatt

    What is your daily driver?

    Those are great trucks!
  4. detmatt

    71 Polara

  5. detmatt

    1967 Crown Coupe purchased at estate sale

    Great Imperial, congrats! All of those were extra cost options unless the rear air is not actually ac but just the standard rear defogger. Both of my ‘67 coupes have the rear defogger and the switch is labeled “Rear air”. There is a clear coat on the wood and that is what you see lifting. I’ve...
  6. detmatt

    SOLD 1964 convertible A pillar trims

    These should have a part number on them, can you post that?
  7. detmatt

    vintage pics of women & cars

    Are these 2 fishing???:poke:
  8. detmatt

    For Sale 1967-68 nice blue sun visors.

    $80 + shipping for the pair.
  9. detmatt

    For Sale 1967 Imperial Coupe rear seat

    These are located in the Detroit area for pick up only. $100.
  10. detmatt

    For Sale 1967-68 Imperial convertible rear top well panels

    These are fiberglass and in decent shape. $100 for the pair + shipping.
  11. detmatt

    For Sale 1967 Imperial 4 door door cards, 2 sets.

    One black set and one blue in decent condition, must buy complete sets. $100 per set + shipping.
  12. detmatt

    For Sale 1968 Newport convertible door cards

    From a power window equipped car. The value is in the rears as the fronts are kinda rough. Will sell whole or remove the nice trim off the fronts and include with the in-tact rears. Either way $50 for all + shipping.
  13. detmatt

    For Sale 2.94 open in a 742 case

    This was removed from an 80k mile ‘68 Imperial and was in good working order with very clean gear oil. pick up in the Detroit area only. $150.
  14. detmatt

    For Sale 1967-68 power window regulators

    Quite a few door regulators for coupe models. I believe they’re the same for all C-bodies. The other are either rear quarter or from 4 doors. Assist spring included on all of them. $20 each + shipping from the Detroit area.
  15. detmatt

    What is your daily driver?

    I have an ‘04 and love it!
  16. detmatt

    vintage pics of women & cars

    There’s one in every bunch… :lol:
  17. detmatt

    vintage pics of women & cars

    Bonnie? She was kind of a smoke show…
  18. detmatt

    vintage pics of women & cars

    You mean besides the fact that everyone is white, the women isn’t driving and the man isn’t typing?:lol:
  19. detmatt

    vintage pics of women & cars

  20. detmatt

    Howdy Pals

    If you want it shoot him an offer. He wasn’t looking when it found him…