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  1. Hansson72

    wheels tires

    It depends on the backspace. With 4.5" backspace on a 8" rim you should be able to squeeze in a 275/60 r15. The best looking combo in my opinion.
  2. Hansson72

    Rear tire size on a -71 300?

    I wonder if any of you can recommend what tires will fit on my -71 300 in the rear. I have thought about buying American Racing Outlaw 1 15x8 with backspace 3.75 in. Will I be able to squeeze in 275/60R15 without rubbing in the inner fenders or.. can I only go up to 255/60R15? I have seen a...
  3. Hansson72

    Rubber bushings or Poly

    I made my own pucks out of Delrin for my -71 300. It works just fine and I cant notice any diffrence in handling at normal cruising.