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  1. Hansson72

    Engine stumbles under acceleration

    I good clean up can make magic to a carb. That was all that needed to be done to my edelbrock on my 440 when it started to coff and spit at acceleration. I should start with that , adjustment to a dirty carb can be a waste of time...
  2. Hansson72

    300 driving in Denmark

    Jeg syns din bil ser smuk ud. ...That suppose to be danish. Welcome from Sweden, Skåne, Lund....
  3. Hansson72

    A new guy from Germany with a question...

    Welcome from Sweden! Nice ride.
  4. Hansson72

    Took off front wheel well trim -- what do you think?

    I think it looks good without the trim but in this case with "rust and damage" in the wheel well i would prefer the trim to hide the nasty stuff.
  5. Hansson72

    New to the forum... Seems like I have the same questions!

    Welcome from Sweden... it's a cool car you got... must bee fun with 580 hp