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  1. Hansson72

    Carroll Shelby’s 83 D150

    I'm waiting for my new project... 1984 D100 slant six with 4 sp. Bought in San Diego a month ago and is now on its way to Sweden. ETA in Gothenburg is 27 april, cant wait... uhhh. I have never driven one or either sat in one. So im very curiuos of what I have bought.... Planned to be my daily...
  2. Hansson72

    I Need High Res Photos of your Mopar!

    My 300, from Sweden.
  3. Hansson72

    How Many C Bodies Do You Own?

    Since last year I have my second fuselage car in form of a 1971 -300. The first was a 1972 Chrysler NY Brougham. I will only have time for 1 car because the car interest collide with the motorbike hobby "Honda VFR800 (interceptor in US)" and my boat "37ft Fjord 1001 cc fly". A boat takes at...
  4. Hansson72

    Graveyard Cars Back on the Air

    I dont like Wheeler dealers so much but PowerNation was a hit i never heard of before. Realy nice seeing the slant six... love that engine. That was the engine in my first "american" car, a 1974 Plymouth Valiant. How cool wasnt that as a 19 year old,everyone else of my friends drove old Volvo...
  5. Hansson72


    here's another opinion... If you have to take a "small loan" to buy this car I would not do it. It can be a big thing in life with old cars but for most of us its just a hobby(nice to have). It's amaizing how our dreams can affect us. To convince yourself you can easy find a lot of reasons to...
  6. Hansson72

    Reproduction Wishlist

    For my -71 300. I would like to add - door sill scuff plates
  7. Hansson72

    Time for an update, folks.

    Good idea, I'm the only one in far..