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    73 Polara U code part 2

    Another wsp car but much bigger project. Engine was pulled apart years ago and tweekers broke into the garage it was in and they took all the top end stuff and radiator. Estate was going to send it to crusher and I saved it.
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    73 Polara U code part 2

    That is one of my mechanics at Rocket, he does a lot of YouTube videos @deaddodgegarage
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    1972 Dodge Polara U-Code 440 HP, ex-Washington State Patrol

    Posted a video of the 73 polara ex-wsp car too:
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    72 Polara WSP

    @marko WSP cars in 1972 were all "DM" VIN Polara Customs with U-Code 440 HP engines.
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    72 Polara WSP

    Yes this is my car and video, thanks for posting! Owned this one since 2002 and first car I ever restored. Please subscribe to my channel, will have a lot more C-Body stuff coming. @marko 131 sounds really low. WSP bought Polara customs with U-Codes and they bought more than 131 cars a year...
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    Factory 4-Speed-C-Body-Photo-Thread

    Just got this one home today, 1968 Plymouth Sport Fury 383 4 Speed convertible. Bought it at an auction in Kansas. Here is a YouTube video walk around. If you like it please subscribe to my channel!
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    Replacement Aftermarket Camshaft for 383-4 and 440HP engines

    Unfortunately do not have a good suggestion for a cam. Just lost a comp cam in a 1970 440 engine, one lifter went REALLY bad and two more were about to. Won't use comp cams again.
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    Where is this car now?

    Post VIN and fender tag and several people on here can verify if the car is a true 440 4 speed. Nobody is sure of production numbers but pretty sure it's less than 20 made. Know of a couple out there.
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    Where is this car now?

    I have a 68 SF 440 4 speed convertible. They didn't make very many of them. Would originally have had a Dana 53 rear end.
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    Kansas Auction?

    Don’t be back to my place till early July. Engine is a 67 383 but transmission is numbers matching.
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    Kansas Auction?

    68 Sport Fury convertible
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    Kansas Auction?

    Have a 68 440 speed convertible in the same color
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    Kansas Auction?

    I bought the 4 speed car. 58 Belvedere with 392 dual quad hemi sold for $40k, 70 500 vert got $37k.
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    NOT MINE Public Auction Chrysler, Dodge , Plymouth cars BAILEYVILLE KS JUNE 3rd

    Know Bob who posted the photos, nice guy. I’m going to be bidding on the 68 4 speed car but no online, in person only.
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    WANTED Intake + Tires

    Corbin - your inbox is full Have a carb and intake, located in Olympia. Assuming you’re going from a 2 bbl to a 4 bbl?
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    D500 tag decode

    Some clean sweptline tin
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    1966 chrysler fuel gauge testing (NOT sending unit)

    Repo sending units read 3/4 when full, frustrating but it what it is unless you can find an original one. They are a Ford scale, how they are so cheap. Most times the float on the sending unit isn't floating anymore.
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    Factory 4-Speed-C-Body-Photo-Thread

    Wisconsin currently. The famous 444!
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    WIW 68 VIP

    Correct furygt, my 440 4 speed vert has 15’s with G70-15 red lines with drum brakes.