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  1. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    For Sale '69 Fury exterior parts

    Rather than bombard the forum with parts sale posts, it's just easier to have one listing . Quarter panel extensions, all studs in good shape, gaskets and nuts present, $20 USD a set. Reverse light buckets, $50 USD per pair. Reverse light lenses, $30 USD per pair
  2. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    For Sale 1969 Sport Fury/ VIP grille and headlight bezels

    Would like to get $150 USD for the whole works. The grille is in pretty damn good shape as are the headlight bezels... Mine being a III I don't need this grille. Nick
  3. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    For Sale '70 Fury front signal lights

    Extra's I have, buckets are rust free, pig tails are good, neither side is perfect, drivers side is pretty good. $30 for the passenger side, $40 for the drivers side. prices are negotiable, I'm willing to trade if you have some parts I need for my '69, '70, '73 and/or '85..
  4. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    For Sale Complete set of side trim for 1968 Fury III sedan

    Removed from a friends parts car before he scrapped it, its the complete set front to back, both sides. $40 plus S&H Nick
  5. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    For Sale 1968 Fury III Trunk finish panel

    In very good shape overall, I'm not a slab C guy, so it needs re-homed. $40 plus S&H Nick
  6. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    For Sale 1969 Sport Fury Trunk finish panel

    In very nice shape, needs a good cleaning, I will never have a need for it. If I got $75 plus S & H I would be very happy. I'm open to offers, and would even trade if you had parts I need. Nick
  7. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    For Sale 1965/1966 Fury Marker lights/signals

    These were on the 69 I just parted out, no rust through and decent lenses. If I could get $40 plus shipping cost I would be happy. Thanks. Nick
  8. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    For Sale '71 sport Fury grille

    Found in passing...price is right.. 1971 Plymouth Sport Fury Grill | Auto Body Parts | Edmonton | Kijiji
  9. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    For Sale 69-73 coupe/4 door HT windshield

    Pulled for my friends sedan, didn't know there was a difference between sedan and hardtops. Here's the deal, it has a wiper streak, a stone chip and some delaminating on the driver bottom corner, so..... Its free of it gets picked up, or if you are in Ontario, I can meet you somewhere within...
  10. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    For Sale 1969 Fury III tail lights

    Cracked lens on the one, cracked bezel on the other, can be repaired, chrome is decent, have 5 sets, running out of room. $80 obo.
  11. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    For Sale 69 Fury header/grille filler panel

    Rust free, but has broken bolts and such. $50 plus shipping. I would use it but I have 3 now.
  12. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    For Sale 13" K car trim rings

    Set of 5, off an 81 Aries.....yeah seriously... $40 obo Nick
  13. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    For Sale 15" Chrysler wire wheel covers

    Set of 5 Chrysler wire wheel covers, I believe these are mid 70s or so, would prefer not too ship as each one is easily 25 pounds, 4 are very good driver quality, one is kind of rough. Asking $50 obo for them. Thanks.
  14. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    For Sale 69 Fury quarter panel extensions/end caps

    In very good shape, no broken studs, all Pal nuts included as well as original seals. $40 OBO, plus the ride to you. Thanks.