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  1. Dobalovr

    1965 Fury torsion bar dust boots

    Sorry @ayilar that part number doesn’t come up in any of our databases. Judging from the sequence its a mid 60’s part number.
  2. Dobalovr

    1970 Chrysler Newport tire size conversion

    Hankook Optima whitewalls will work well on your Newport and are inexpensive and readily available
  3. Dobalovr

    1970 Chrysler Newport tire size conversion

    Well best advice I can give you is there are a bazillion threads on this topic throughout the site but in short form 235/75R15's are as close to L78-15's as you will get. And if you want to know what the largest tires you can fit on your Newport this gentleman is the reigning authority on the...
  4. Dobalovr

    Disc Brakes for 70 newport?

    All the information you seek is available through the search function on this forum. Exhaustive discussions have been presented for exactly what you are looking for. Search bar is your friend.
  5. Dobalovr

    Braking Question

    Worn out front end can also cause a lot of shaking when braking at speed. Is the shaking felt through the steering wheel or through the body? Is the brake pedal shaking? I’ve seen worn out front ends shake at speed under braking but not at lower speeds. FWIW
  6. Dobalovr

    '67 VIP Rear Brake Drums

    Belvedere's ran 10"x2.5" drums I believe. If that measurement matches you might be able to source them that way. Rockauto will have them.
  7. Dobalovr

    Chrysler 300 Leaf Springs

    I thought you were John....I can't keep all the Dicks around here straight anymore..:poke:. .:lol:
  8. Dobalovr

    Brake booster hiss?

    Booster has a vacuum leak. Do you notice a change in idle when you press the brakes? My 70 did this and it was the booster. Being a 65 and if it has the single pot master might be a good time to goto a dual master.
  9. Dobalovr

    brake booster for 1970 300

    Weird Rockauto is no longer showing the booster/mc combo for the 70-300 with discs...I will see if I can dig up my old invoice for a part #
  10. Dobalovr

    brake booster for 1970 300

    I actually bought the Rockauto unit for my 70-300 with factory disc brakes. Fit great works ...ok. I bought the booster and master together. Brake pedal feels soft to me but car stops ok.
  11. Dobalovr

    Road Wheels

    Poor little road runner never bothered anyone....just running down the road's his idea of havin fun...well not anymore I guess Beep Beep!!
  12. Dobalovr

    Chrysler road wheels

    Uh oh does this mean I have to turn in my FBBO membership??
  13. Dobalovr

    Chrysler road wheels

    Look like my 79 300 wheels without the trim rings all aluminum 15x6's...underneath the trim ring are the slots like road wheels
  14. Dobalovr

    Just installed my new rims and tires

    Saw your post on FB and most comments were positive. I can appreciate what you are doing with the wheel upgrade but I'm too much of a purist which is funny because one of the first things I do on the lot with a new car is change out the factory wheels for some customs. Then again FCA doesn't...
  15. Dobalovr

    Road Wheel Restoration Help!

    These are hard rigid plastic my other rims are the urethane turbine style from an 81 Doba
  16. Dobalovr

    Road Wheel Restoration Help!

    This & that.....