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  1. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Woodward dream cruise and Moparfest.

    After 12 years of attending Moparfest, I can honestly say this year wasn't what it has been. To the point where I won't be booking the time off next year, I'll take that vacation time and do Carlisle instead. More daily drivers on the show field then I think I've ever seen, and I don't mean...
  2. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Why you can't buy a new small truck.

    The one in it now is a 55k mile virgin from the south, I went through it and corked up any future leaks, replaced a few maintenance/wear items and it should be a happy little Critter. Nick
  3. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Why you can't buy a new small truck.

    It's why I'm rebuilding an '87 S10 for myself....I wanted 30 MPG and a pickup box.
  4. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    What did you do to your C-body today....

    Loaded it up and moved it in anticipation of the near future.
  5. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    1950's Dodge Panel Van I Saw A Month Ago....

    That's a B1 series panel, so it would be between a '48-'50. These trucks fit on a Dakota frame like they left the same design table. I have a '52 pickup I bought last fall. I've got a '94 Dakota frame, '00 Durango 360 Magnum and a '02 Dakota NV3500HD 5 speed for it.
  6. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Who was your mentor?

    From the day I was born, I was destined to be a car guy. My dad was never a stereotypical car guy, but always supported me in my endeavors. I started in the trade working on cars and light commercial and have had a great career. I moved to Truck and Coach last year and absolutely love it...
  7. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Rural Skeletons of Trucks/Tractors

    with the Covid screwing up life I found myself with a lot of time, and I sort of started a bit of an addiction...I fell in love with these little Ford turned into 5.. I bought a 42 2N that's actually a Wartime "Warhorse" model with a Sherman combo Auxiliary trans. Then I...
  8. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Rural Skeletons of Trucks/Tractors

    I figure if Tim was the one telling me it, it's the gospel, he's only been in the metal business for his entire life (70 years) and his dad was before him. After he told me it was sort of a "huh, that makes sense" moment.
  9. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Rural Skeletons of Trucks/Tractors

    The guy I deal with and haul my steel to explained to me that before the Olympics the price of steel always climbs as the demand for materials to build the Olympic stadium and housing increases. I hauled just over 16k lbs of scrap in last year. Nick
  10. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Sense and nonsense of fender tags

    my Windsor built 69 has cruise, I have it's buildsheet, I can check it if it would be of help. I have a few 73 Fury Police buildsheets I can look at tonight. My 85 Caravelle Salon AHB has the roof wiring, and I took photos of the wiring...
  11. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Marry Christmas....

    Merry Christmas...
  12. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Picking up a yard ornament

    Doing a 360 Magnum 5 speed on mine, Dakota Chassis.
  13. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Picking up a yard ornament

    That deserves to live on, I bought a '52 a few months ago....
  14. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Rust Valley Restorers property sold

    Lots of crusher material, $300 a ton shred here....
  15. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Umm... Joey, my thread got locked

    If you're not here to contribute, why are you here?
  16. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Umm... Joey, my thread got locked

    That's what I figured. You have zero to offer to the world of C bodies other then to be an antagonist. Good luck to you and your miserable existance. Scott's right, this is the **** that causes people to go off, you know, the people who do positively contribute to the subject matter of the...
  17. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Umm... Joey, my thread got locked

    Where are your posts over the last two years that you have been here then? Let's see your C body.. Nick
  18. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Cousin Polara Dave

    Wait, so Dave H isn't on here anymore? The 70 Polara owning, blonde haired Dave? WTF? I'm out, keep my donation to the website. What a joke this place has become the last two years, all the members who founded and made this forum what it was are gone. Nick
  19. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    How to protect my driveway

    Have you considered watch towers and a Gatlin gun? Nick