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  1. Dobalovr

    Which paint and colour

    I just refinished the panels in my 79 300 with SEM. Worked great but make sure you follow their directions. You need the adhesion promoter to make the paint adhere to the plastic. You can use their cleaner but I just used Methyl Hydrate.
  2. Dobalovr

    Custom steering wheel issue, 68 newport

    No picture Jeff and I have a black one I think ...:)
  3. Dobalovr

    Custom steering wheel issue, 68 newport

    What color is it then Jeff?????:poke: You know I have a Rim Blow Fetish....:lol:
  4. Dobalovr

    Some Questions about the Power Windows...

    If the motors still turn but the pucks have disintergrated try this fix: How to rebuild Chrysler Power Window motor clutch assembly As for the broken guide that I have no answer for but someone here will. The spring can be seperated from the regulator. You shouldn’t need a new one just the spring.
  5. Dobalovr

    70 Hurst 300

    I've got the 70 Colour & Trim book but I don't recall if the Hurst was listed. I'll check for you my friend
  6. Dobalovr

    Key code for 67 Fury VIP glove box?

    All I have ever seen is one ignition/door lock key and one trunk/glove box key
  7. Dobalovr

    Stripping Betty down :)

    You don't waste any time do you Tom.... :thumbsup:
  8. Dobalovr

    300 hurst carpet color, gold or saddle?

    From the 1970 color & trim selector....hope it helps
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  10. Dobalovr

    Upholstry prices

    Yet I can have a full Katzkin Leather interior installed on a new Ram 1500 for $1400 CDN plus $500 for heated seats :BangHead:
  11. Dobalovr

    How does this door strap attach?

    The strap decor cover snaps onto the mount where the screw is. Seperate the cover from the mount screw the mount in snap cover into place
  12. Dobalovr

    Buddy seat cigarette lighter

    My 70 has it....
  13. Dobalovr

    Rodent Squatter Prevention

    That's what we use in all our used cars on the lot seems to work well.
  14. Dobalovr

    Adding Headrests

  15. Dobalovr

    Hey Scott (rexus31)

    Where did you find those P? I need some for the 66
  16. Dobalovr

    Found the Build Sheet and something else interesting

    Looks a lot like mine...
  17. Dobalovr

    Tilt and telescopic steering column.

  18. Dobalovr

    How well do you know your Mopar radios?

    Old eyes Mopar 365S PM sent
  19. Dobalovr

    How well do you know your Mopar radios?

    Top left looks like a Mopar 3655 which fits my 66-300 and which I am looking for. If it works I am a buyer.