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  1. david hill

    1974 New Yorker Turn signals

    Can anyone provide me w/ a wiring diagram or link for my 1974 New Yorker. Lost oper. to the right front fender.
  2. david hill

    1974 New Yorker steering column w/ tilt

    Had a oops moment today. Found this when diag. an intermittent horn oper. Does any members have or know where I can get plastic insulator that snaps over the steering wheel lock ring. This steering column has tilt w/ telescopic steering wheel w/ rim blow. I can also us a wiring diagram Thanks.
  3. david hill

    1974 New Yorker 2dr.

    Have decided to begin the restore of my 1974 New Yorker. Bought last summer, was on its way to be crushed. Body is in pretty good condition w/ the exception of some rust through of both front fenders in the exact same spot. Have confirmed the body was undercoated early in its life. Inspection...
  4. david hill

    1974 Chrysler New Yorker St. Regis

    Went on a road trip and found this bargain. Unlikely purchase, but it was on the way to be parted out. Need some help on parts. Those that can help me pm me. Will up date soon with more pics and info.