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  1. Dobalovr

    North Central Midwest & South Central Canada C-body owners 2021 meet-up?

    Us Western Canada guys need a big Mopar Show of our own lol. Mopar Madness in Edmonton is as good as it gets around here
  2. Dobalovr

    It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood

    That’s a Sport 300 aka American 300 with the unobtainium taillights that are now available thanks to our friend @Zymurgy here on the forum. The MB car Kevin bought was the Canadian version based on the Windsor with a 300 front clip.
  3. Dobalovr

    It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood

    Only 2 Fusey’s?? I really gotta get my poop in a group for this show :BangHead:
  4. Dobalovr

    It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood

    Panorama feature on Iphone and yes it does distort if you move to much while panning.... This is the major car show for the Northern Mopars Club in Calgary and I seem to miss it every frickin year due to the "Job"....:BangHead::BangHead::BangHead::mob::mad:
  5. Dobalovr


    Hot where??? It's been a crappy summer out here rain everyday it seems. However it looks like summer might be actually arriving this week......Finally
  6. Dobalovr

    Group photo at Carlisle?

    And a few provinces?????
  7. Dobalovr

    Group photo at Carlisle?

    There seems to be a commonality among us C-bodyers lol. Great picture guys wish we could have been there!
  8. Dobalovr

    Group photo at Carlisle?

    Nice Newport in the survivor tent...stolen from fb
  9. Dobalovr

    Edmonton's largest car show

    Yikes $65000 for the Desoto? That's 70 Charger money lol
  10. Dobalovr

    Calgary Mopar show

    Congrats @300rag and to Gary as much for @Tobias74 parking outside the show and not participating! Missed out on this for the last time lol!
  11. Dobalovr

    2017 Carlisle Chrysler Nationals July 14-16

    Congratulations to Jeff & John and all the participants! Really need a West Coast version of Carlisle out here! We will make that trip oneday God willing lol
  12. Dobalovr

    My Summer Vacation, 2017... Junkyard Hunting, Family and Carlisle.

    Man I could spend a week in that yard....looks like its time to head to Tilley boys.... @300rag @Tobias74 @CanCritter feel the need to find some gold... Well done @cantflip you certainly have a nice honey hole there! Thanks for taking us on the ride!
  13. Dobalovr

    Don Garlits Show - 2016

    What is this autotrain you speak of?? Looks real cool. BTW i have a parts car for your parts car's parts car. I can only hope mine turns out as nice as yours someday....
  14. Dobalovr

    Don Garlits Show - 2016

    As my wife will attest she's the photog in the family but thanks for posting anyway. I especially like your pic titled "Study in turf grass management "
  15. Dobalovr

    Don Garlits Show - 2016

    So you goto a Mopar show and don't take any pictures of Forward Looks with matching boats?? C'mon musta been one there.... Edit: Thanks! Typing while your posting I guess...
  16. Dobalovr

    Don Garlits Show - 2016

    Good plan but wondering how a wrinkle finish would look..
  17. Dobalovr

    Don Garlits Show - 2016

    Am I really so transparent?? :lol:
  18. Dobalovr

    Don Garlits Show - 2016

    I just picked this one up so I'll be watching for your restoration thread and detailed instructions:)
  19. Dobalovr

    High River Classics

    Thanks T for posting what I was missing. It was a beautiful day for a show!
  20. Dobalovr

    Moparfest 2016?

    I've got the center caps for them....but they are the Mopar repopped versions ..sigh and I have an extra to turn the 3 into 4 just sayin