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  1. Dobalovr

    My new arrival!

    Lea what does this switch look like? I sent you something I had on the shelf on your FB page. Dunno if it was what you were looking for.
  2. Dobalovr

    Hello to all!!!

    Bill Mounteer AKA @Fury440 passed almost 3 years ago now @Tobias74 will have the date. His wife Susan sold the Vert I believe
  3. Dobalovr

    Need some help with a part # please

    The part number sequence began in 65 for what it’s worth but it could carry over for many years...
  4. Dobalovr

    The poor unfortunate Death of a 67 Mobile Director

    This made me sad thinking about Dave aka @imon_2nd and his MD Imp...:(
  5. Dobalovr

    440 Valve cover bolt needed

  6. Dobalovr

    440 Valve cover bolt needed

    Mopar Performance Part still available at your local Dealer P5007458 however they are chrome....just an FYI Mopar Performance P5007458: Chrome Valve Cover Bolts For aluminum & steel covers except Magnum | JEGS
  7. Dobalovr

    Tranny Pan Gasket. 727

    Normally this would be the only gasket you should ever need for a 727 available at your local Dealer however the 1965 transmissions are different if I recall so maybe one of our experts can chime in. BTW with this gasket no silicone.... Mopar Performance 02464324AC: A-727/A-518/46RE Oil Pan...
  8. Dobalovr

    Parked beside the ocean, on a moonlight drive in a 1968 Chrysler 300

    Saw it on FB Randy and it looks like a professional shoot! Nice work!
  9. Dobalovr

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    So it was everything you hoped it was eh Kevin? Congrats it looks even better on your trailer!
  10. Dobalovr

    NOT MINE : FOR SALE 1968 Chrysler 300 show car low rider $22,500.

    This car has been for sale forever. It was $15K last year before he ruined it with the lace lime green roof. I'm guessing this is the flipper selling it. The fellow who had it for sale last year was willing to goto $12K apparently. It was a consignment at one of the specialty Dealers in Calgary...
  11. Dobalovr

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    Ya those pictures are from the idiot I bought the car from.....for some reason I do not have any decent pictures of the Black car...
  12. Dobalovr

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    There was a Canadian 300 Sport version which uses the wrap around taillights so not to be confused with an actual US car that found its way North. The built for Canada Sport was the same as the US 300 IIRC Here is my 66 with wrap around taillights that was sold new here in Canada allegedly..
  13. Dobalovr

    How does one check to see if a part number has superseded?

    A lot of Mopar discontinued parts end up with these guys as a FYI Vintage Parts Vintage Parts - Your Service Parts Inventory Partner
  14. Dobalovr

    How does one check to see if a part number has superseded?

    Ross I can usually search part numbers from 1970 and up but for something like this I usually try Marty's site to see if he has it listed which in this case he does show one but no superceded number. Other than that has the part number search engine .
  15. Dobalovr

    Valve cover gasket issue.

    Same thing I use every time Bob! I put the gasket on the cover first with some copper permatex lay them gasket side down on the bench overnight install next day good to go no leaks!
  16. Dobalovr

    1966 Chrysler value

    Yikes not holding out much hope for my running and driving 66-300...
  17. Dobalovr

    What are you working on today??

    Binge watching Trailer Park Boys....or doing taxes...mmmm
  18. Dobalovr

    What are you working on today??

    Sooo garage sale next week?