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  1. Marv

    StreetMag Show 2020 Hannover, Germany

    So this has been and will be the only car show in 2020 I´ve been attending, this Covid19 bs got me really frustrated. Anyways I took some pictures, only one C-body attended the show, I´ll present it at the very beginning so everybody not interested in the rest can close the thread right after...
  2. Marv

    2019 Mopar Spring Fling Northern Germany

    The annual Mopar SpringFling took place last weekend. Not as many cars as in the past years due to the weather... We had it all clear blue sky, heavy rainshowers and hail :realcrazy: crazy weather but anyways.. This years motto was Forwardlook and we had some awesome Forwardlook cars there even...
  3. Marv

    More Pictures

    This time I went to a classic car meet, not a US car only event, but classic cars of every brand. More than 5000 cars attended that event, huge swap meet but that´s mostly just Mercedes, VW or Opel stuff.. some cbodies where there.
  4. Marv

    Another classic US car event 2018

    So I´ve been cruising through the country to another event. 90° out there, I start to understand why so many guys on this forum are so picky about the a/c option:eek: The event is more about the 1950s so concerning Mopars it´s more Forwardlooking than Fuselage or even Formal cars
  5. Marv

    Mopar Spring Fling 2018 Northern Germany

    Here are some c body pictures of the anual Mopar Spring Fling that takes place at Festung Grauer Ort nearby Stade which is about 30 minutes west of Hamburg