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  1. david hill

    Wrong size air filter O_O

    Actually the filter thickness is the same.
  2. david hill

    8-10 mpg

    Here is my take on improving fuel mileage. Something that has not been addressed her is timing chain slack. Worn timing chains are a key contributor to fuel mileage loss. Also worn camshaft lobes can kill engine efficiency. Second, Differential gear ratio does impact fuel mileage. The difference...
  3. david hill

    BIG Block Engine pics.... Lets see them!

    1969 440 HP # matching date code correct. It has a different profile cam which aided in drivability and performance. Ignition is upgraded to electronic ignition via OEM Chrysler performance retro fit kit.
  4. david hill

    Torque converter question

    To shed some light on torque converter selection. 440 engine made after 1973 that have the nodular cast iron crankshaft are externally balanced what is common with the 440 and the 74 and up applications is there are counterweights on the torque converter too late in your identification. If you...
  5. david hill

    All of a sudden low rough idle and no acceleration

    Let's start w/ the easy eliminations. Spray around the carb, EGR & intake gaskets w/ carb cleaner to check for vac leaks. Inspect vac hoses for cracks or splits, replace if found. Another possibility is a sticking PCV valve and or collapsed PCV hose. Next would be drop the exhaust at the...
  6. david hill

    727 transmission compatibility

    Thanks Trace, this tells me exactly why there are weights on the torque convertor on 440 engines w/ cast crankshafts 1974 - 1976. Will remove weights if used on pre 1974 440 applications w/ steel crankshafts. Thank you again for all the effort to locate this info.
  7. david hill

    727 transmission compatibility

    I have the chance to buy a low mileage 1975 727 transmission. Overall inspection reveals this transmission was recently rebuilt. Front pump super clean like new and the fluid is light pink in color. The torque convertor has counterweights present. As I remember earlier 727 trans convertors came...
  8. david hill

    2nd gear brake away / no downshift to first

    Here are the results after testing. The governor pressure didn't change w/ a increase in speed. The kick down servo slow to apply w/o the accumulator spring. With the lack of down shifting coming to a stop the valve body was removed. the shuttle valve was jammed shut and w/ some light tapping w/...
  9. david hill

    Engine Break-in Issue

    What @CBODY67 is very true about modern machining practices. I have seen the benefits of including refined machining fundamentals in todays classic cars. From the background given there is definite symptoms of poor ring seal in cyls. 6 & 8. (see post one photos) Improper Honing procedures w/o a...
  10. david hill

    2nd gear brake away / no downshift to first

    Haven't seen this before maybe one of our members has seen this. On morning cold starts this transmission when placed in drive will be in 2nd gear on cold brake away. It also will not downshift to first gear from any speed. If manually shifted to first gear it will go into first gear, but have a...
  11. david hill

    How quickly does one rebuild A727 transmission?

    In my case I was chasing a minor leak at the low / reverse band pivot shaft. Upon opening it up I found excessive wear all over. A check of specification clearances gave me no choice but to rebuild. In talking w/ other transmission builders, the modified Hell Cats are starting to press the 10...
  12. david hill

    How quickly does one rebuild A727 transmission?

    Just having gone through mine over the winter 8-9 hrs is reasonable. My rebuild total cost was just shy of 1100.00 w/ convertor + front pump.
  13. david hill

    727 Transmission Rebuild

    I am in the process off ordering parts for my A727 rebuild. This is a pre 1971 torqueflite. The photo below is the id # stamped on the case. The front four post planetarys are worn out. All the thrust bearings show significant wear, the four post planetarys being the worst. The tail shaft roller...
  14. david hill

    Engine Block dowel pins

    I bought an engine bock that is missing its dowel pins. Local dealer is no help. If anyone has a pair please PM me. I prefer OEM correct if possible.
  15. david hill

    727 torqueflite transmission question

    With the 727A transmission the drain and refill is more like 10-11 quarts w/ convertor being drained.
  16. david hill

    Proper 69 Chrysler 440 fuel pump

    The dual nipple pump in the pic is for a 350 HP 440. The threaded pressure fitting as described is a 375HP pump. By the way plastic fuel filters are a fire just waiting to happen. Find my thread ( an then it caught fire ), will show what can happen. Always buy steel fuel filters.
  17. david hill

    727 Transmission Rebuild

    I will need a master overhaul kit w/ all support and thrust bushings. Planetary gears need rebuilt as well.
  18. david hill

    727 Transmission Rebuild

    Any receipts and part numbers will be most beneficial. By the way empty your inbox because it is full.