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  1. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    For Sale '70 Polara ragtop W/ 440 (Not mine)

    Stumbled upon this ad... classic car | Classic Cars | Petawawa | Kijiji Description as per seller; car is in good shape and nice to drive, 440 cid , 727 auto looking to sell or trade for atv close to 12000 value. maybe even a Harley. Photos from ad.... If anyone has interest in it, I...
  2. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    For Sale Two Fuselage C Bodies

    First off, neither is mine, I know both sellers personally and have been asked to put the word out about them. First is a 1969 Newport Convertible, 383 4 barrel, buckets with buddy bench, power windows etc. Needs minor bodywork but is rock solid underneath (one of the cleanest I've ever...
  3. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    For Sale '72 fury on Ebay

    1972 Plymouth Fury | eBay I kind of dig the Rallye's on it! " 2 OWNER 1972 PLYMOUTH FURY III. 360 ENGINE. 50,000 ORIGINAL MILES. FORREST GREEN INTERIOR. MUST SEE TO APPRECIATE. RUNS AND DRIVES GREAT "
  4. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    For Sale Hopeful, clueless, but hopeful

    Guy must be a dreamer.
  5. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    '69 Fury III Ugh, No, $5,500 for a parts car is a bit much.
  6. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    My eyes, my eyes

    Nice car, bad choice of wheels and bad choice of color.
  7. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    If I had money and space!

    Worth it................just for the road wheels.......
  8. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Kinda sad I emailed about a few bits.......asked if it had Disc's......Or atleast machinable drums.....and about the road wheels....
  9. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Very Nice and Very reasonably priced

    I think anyway. Needs Magnum 500's though....
  10. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    So close yet so far away So close in Price and distance, so far away in what I want. Nick
  11. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    I almost shed a tear

    Yeah it's sad, really sad, I called and left a message, see what kinda money he would take for it, I could use some parts
  12. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Major Drool

    Found these while scowering the country for my next project. This one kills me, a green 440 car thats fairly unique and rare...
  13. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Very Imp

    Found this one, look at the one shot and tell me what's in his garage
  14. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Lots of C's and Imp's in my area.

    Shot this guy an email, worth looking at. a few more.
  15. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    I kinda like this Fury.

    He's been trying to sell it for about a year now, if he has it come spring, I'll seriously consider it, I'll atleast go and have a look at it.
  16. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    This is just painful

    In more than one way, I thought the '69 Fury III full wheel covers looked bad on my car............................................ My favorite points "Look-A-Likke (Down to the last detail!)" "Walters Autobody Inc - "The 1st Name in...
  17. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    This I like quite a bit

    I like the Forward looks quite a bit, not sure if they were C's, but they were the predecessors to our C bodies.
  18. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Realistic price for formal

    or any C body for that matter, I think it's worth it.
  19. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Nice Formal C Body, Optomistic price 1977 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham -Eighth Generation-4-door Hardtop 440-4 V-8 - RWD (rear-wheel drive) and automatic 3-speed gearbox. Burgandy Velour Interior. Mint...
  20. '69FuryIIIConvertible

    Would you drive it as is?

    Or Full resto? Personally I'd clean it up and drive it as is.