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  1. Dobalovr

    Age old question - Fuel or Spark?

    So had a nice visit from Larry and his 77 NYB today. He was having issues with low speed drive ability and rough idle/miss stopped in drive. So i checked the usual timing/vacuum etc adjusted the idle speed up a bit from 675 to 770rpm in park blah blah blah. So here is what I found on test...
  2. Dobalovr

    Lftovrs 77 NYB visited today

    My good friend Larry @Lftovrs dropped off his 77 NYB today for us to do the provincial inspection. Beautiful survivor car but has me stumped on a couple things… The brake pedal has a trailer brake addition to it. How does this work? Also has auto park brake I have never seen one so any info...
  3. Dobalovr


    NOT MINE So this car came up before Christmas at a lower price ($2500) and I hesitated, then the ad disappeared. Resurfaced this week at a higher asking (DOH!) price. It is obviously a repaint but let's get the collective's opinion shall we? 1976 Dodge Royal Monaco Brougham | Classic Cars |...
  4. Dobalovr

    Canuck 1974 NYB 4Dr HT $3000 CDN

    Formals weren't getting enough exposure as the Fuseys so here you go....nice 4 dr hardtop Chrysler New Yorker | classic cars | Kingston | Kijiji Brougham 4 door hard top. 440 Engine. New rear tires. As is. Running. Fender Skirts included. Solid floor and uni-body. Appraised $4500.00. Sharbot...