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  1. Dobalovr

    Dennis. That's his name.

    I have an 06 Magnum that needs those exact repairs.....I'll ship it to you ....FCBO Memebr Discount right???
  2. Dobalovr

    71 New Yorker restoration finally complete

    That's not a restoration that's a work of art! Well done it gives the rest of us hope we can one day match your level of work.
  3. Dobalovr

    window sticker?

    Mike you are too fast lol
  4. Dobalovr

    window sticker?

    Polyglas Tires were a thing back in the day. Replaced by steel-belted tires thankfully Goodyear Polyglas tire - Wikipedia Make/Model/Year of your car would help with the steering wheel option.
  5. Dobalovr

    1969 Chrysler 300 in E7

    Gotta keep the discounts coming…
  6. Dobalovr

    1969 Chrysler 300 in E7

    Nice tires......
  7. Dobalovr

    My 70 Fury 2 with a little bit better HP

    Like a German knows what brakes and turn signals are for....:poke:
  8. Dobalovr

    My 70 Fury 2 with a little bit better HP

    Just when I thought you couldn’t suck more you find a way to double your suckyness!!! Glad I could help with supplying that ONE bolt you needed lol
  9. Dobalovr

    Canadian 71 sport fury GT

    Nice work Konner will be following on FB as well as here. The vert looks great as well but I do miss your recent B body project...
  10. Dobalovr

    Rip's New '73 Navajo

    Congrats Rip that’s quite the ocean liner! Love the Navajo package!
  11. Dobalovr

    Meet Ming, my 1973 New Yorker Brougham

    Ming Blue?????
  12. Dobalovr

    It was a perfect day with my ev2 Sport Fury

    @Tobias74 is that a familiar car to you?
  13. Dobalovr

    1970 washer fluid container - safest way to install pump

    Hey Grant I still need your help with that parts pickup in NE Edmonchuk I will send you a text kinda forgot all about it in all the drama lately. :)
  14. Dobalovr

    left to rot

    @boostedvan Well my 69 Newport Vert is available if you want a donor......:poke::lol:
  15. Dobalovr

    Meet Snow White, my 1970 N-code Dodge Polara Convertible

    1960 Desoto 4dr in Saskatchewan would have been mine ....
  16. Dobalovr

    72 NY in TX9

    Yup I love the look and it shines like new now oh and @Tobias74 you suck!
  17. Dobalovr

    72 NY in TX9

  18. Dobalovr

    FOUR 1970 300-H / HURSTS on auction all at no reserve!!

    2006? Must have driven the Delorean back in time and smacked a designer over the head and took his place.... :wtf::realcrazy:
  19. Dobalovr

    1969 fury coronado 8 pax

    Wouldn’t that be a Diplomat car or some kind of Limo used for US bigwigs while in Tel Aviv? Plymouth Fury iii Eight Passenger for sale: photos, technical specifications, description Flathead 230 six? The Coronado 8 passenger sedan was first built in Rotterdam in has the only...