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  1. david hill

    So I bought this one today.

    After surviving a plastic fuel filter failure my take is them is, the risk isn't worth it. I was very lucky to escape my under-hood fire w/ minimal damage. My out-of-pocket costs were still over just over $300.00 w/ the help of several FCBO members. My good fortune was not lost on me. Another 2...
  2. david hill

    So I bought this one today.

    Your car is really coming along Matt, look forward to seeing it maybe the 7th FCBO show next year
  3. david hill

    Does a 1964 Imperial need upgrades for 70mph?

    For myself I just completed a trip from Indy to Ocala Fl. and back. Your check list should include all steering and suspension. Worn ball joints and steering linkage can make cruising at 70 mph more than a hand full. The same goes for tires, purest owners like biased ply tires, I however for...
  4. david hill

    Wheel Bearings?

    If you have a big budget By Timken. In the real world of auto repair I have used National w/ no issues. Keep it clean on install and use a High quality grease and you are go to go.
  5. david hill

    Congrats @sixpkrt! Your 1969 Imperial On My Car Story

    Well deserved Tim. Your Imperial has a classic yet timeless look.
  6. david hill

    My new ‘64 Crown Coupe

    Now that's a killer car to score. That's an excellent candidate for a total restore. It appears to be a complete car w/ no missing trim. A running engine is big plus, is it # matching. Another big score. Congrats.
  7. david hill

    What weight oil are you using in your imperial?

    My current oil regiment is Valvoline Maxlife 10w30 w/ Lucas Zinc additive. Oil change intervals of 3000 miles.
  8. david hill

    So I bought this one today.

    Needs lots of love, a great find w/ a highly desired interior in good condition. Is the engine free.
  9. david hill

    1952 Imperial Mecum

    Well that can't be all true. I did see the Imperial limo, was a high quality restoration. To confirm that c bodys do get the love. #mystarcar featured my 1969 Chrysler 300 vert. Who knew. Proud to represent.
  10. david hill

    Fifty Shades of Full Frontal (Gorgeousness)

    Although not an Imperial here are my submissions
  11. david hill

    Idler arm needed for Big Red 72 Imperial any thoughts or resources?

    Log on to ebay found what you need by Moog for 19.00 plus shipping costs