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  1. Dobalovr

    Road Wheel Restoration Help!

    I'm cleaning up some Aluminum 15" Cordoba wheels and I'm having a problem deciding how to repair these broken mounting studs. 2 of the 5 are snapped off. As it is a plastic stud who has a good fix out there??
  2. Dobalovr

    Bored Bored Bored so..........

    Well seeing as how no one is posting anything as they are all off enjoying themselves at Carlisle, I decided to do some retail therapy and picked up 5 Road Wheels - 4 of which had brand new Optimo Rubber on them. I will run these on the '70 until I get the originals restored. $400 for everything...
  3. Dobalovr

    Are these Chrysler Wheels?

    Seller says these are Chrysler wheels. I have never seen their style before. Anyone know if they are and what model they came on. 15" and cheap.
  4. Dobalovr


    My Christmas present to myself got delivered today....Brake booster and MC for the 70 300. Stupid shippers dropped it on the piston rod and broke a piece off the plastic housing. Rockauto was great and refunded the entire purchase price no questions. Now the problem is...can I plastic weld this...